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Registered Phenomena Code: 090

Object Class: Gamma-Orange

Hazard Types: Extra-terrestrial Hazard

Containment Protocols: As of 02/08/16, no known way of containing RPC-090 exists, as the object is over 190,000,000 Light-Years away. Please see Addendum 090-01 for more information on the subject of containment.

Description: RPC-090 is a quasar-like object located in the constellation, Leo, with a Right Ascension of 19h 22m 01.49s, Declination of +09° 45′ 25.5″, Redshift of 9.085±0.005, and a Distance of ~190 Million ly (8.85 Gpc). The object's Luminosity is estimated at 5.9×1015 Solar Luminosities, easily outshining ULAS J1199+0844, twin quasars that seem to be orbiting around the origin point of RPC-090. RPC-090 puts out more infrared electromagnetic radiation in one month then ULAS J1199+0844 do in a year. This fact puzzled the astronomers at Cerro Paranal for several years until Dr. Orland made the discovery that the object did not emit infrared electromagnetic radiation constantly, but instead, the object had several massive discharges every few minutes, leading the research team to believe that the object was not simply a massive quasar. On 11/18/15, it was discovered by Dr. Orland that the objects infrared electromagnetic discharges were transmitting a kind of code to an area below Jupiter’s “Great Red Spot”.


The first known image of RPC-090.

The code was found to have a similar structure to standard Morse code but has five values instead of two. This leads the research team to use a Polybius square to decode any message from RPC-090 that was captured by Cerro Paranal's Infrared Electromagnetic Deep Space Survey, or IEDSS. The messages are contained in research log 090-01.

RPC-090 was first discovered by Dr. Lawrence Orland on 12/31/10 while observing the electromagnetic spectrum at the Cerro Paranal Deep Space Research Lab. Using the facilities IEDSS, Dr. Orland was able to snap a single image of an "unknown object" with the telescopes Infrared HgCdTe array before losing the object on Cerro Paranal's scope. This was the first known encounter with RPC-090.

Research Log 090-01:

01/01/16: We are waiting, come to us at point [INTERFERENCE]

01/02/16: Please help us, we are dying, return to us Arbiter

01/03/16: Rendezvous at location [INTERFERENCE] this comes from [INTERFERENCE] failure to obey will result in [INTERFERENCE]

01/04/16: Attempt to avoid [INTERFERENCE] unit is to be considered hostile for [INTERFERENCE] and [INTERFERENCE] continue to [INTERFERENCE] as planned and link up with your partner.

01/05/16: Arbiter please respond on channel 23, open link to [strong interference comes from the location where RPC-090 is transmitting to, causing Cerro Paranal's IEDSS to lose the rest of the presumed message]

Addendum 090-01: After the interference on 01/05/16 caused Cerro Paranal's IEDSS to lose the signal temporally, efforts were made to contain RPC-090 by containing the signal via an infrared electromagnetic radiation discharge cannon, or IERDC. As long as the signal from RPC-090 is kept from reaching Jupiter, Dr. Orland considers any threat the object may pose neutralized. Please see Addendum 090-02 for more details on Dr. Orland's results with the IERDC.

Addendum 090-02: After Cerro Paranal began operations with the IERDC. The communications between RPC-090 and Jupiter have ceased, not by any action was taken by the IERDC, but by RPC-090, almost as if the object knew the IERDC was blocking the signal. This puzzled our research team for several weeks, until 03/16/16, when a direct message was received from RPC-090 via standard radio wavelengths of 35-65 Hz. The message reads as follows: "Why have you hidden the Arbiter? Please reveal him to us, we must speak with him at once". The connotation of "him" has lead researchers to two conclusions: 1. that the object close to or inside Jupiter that RPC-090 is attempting to communicate with is a single "male" being, or construct named the "Arbiter". 2. The connotation of "him" is an error on the part of Dr. Orland and his team, as whatever this object or objects is may have no understanding of what a "sex" even is. Further research must be done on the messages currently archived at Cerro Paranal, as some of them may have been translated in error. There is still much the researchers do not know about RPC-090 and what its intentions are if any. As such, Cerro Paranal has labeled the object class Omega until more information is discovered about it.

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