Artist Depiction of RPC-087.

Registered Phenomena Code: 087

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: Currently N/A

Containment Protocols:

• Primary Containment: a Modified unit with Advanced Life Support capabilities (ALS)
• Secondary Containment: Negative pressure unit with EMF generator and (CBRN) capabilities
• Level – 2 Medical Teams consisting of Doctor(s), Anesthesiologist(s), Nurse(s), Cardiologist(s),
Neurologist(s), Respiratory & Laboratory Specialist(s)
• Level – 3 Patient Procurement Specialists (PPS)
• Level – 0 Patient in an induced sleep state with ALS attached

RPC-087 (OL-Site-118) must be allowed to consume from Level 0 personnel while in containment at all times. On-site medical personnel is never allowed to enter the inner containment unit alone and without ASF personnel present.

Level IV MOPP (CBRN) must be worn by Authority personnel at all times when inside inner containment unit. Should a MOPP breach occur, Authority Decontamination Protocol must be initiated. The medical team leader must inform Containment Specialist if Level 0 personnel is approaching death, the PPS must initiate Procurement Procedure immediately upon notification.

Description: RPC-087 (OL-Site-118) is a shadow-like humanoid with no discernible features. Appearance resembles black vaporous gas. At this time, it is unknown if RPC-087 is sentient or organic, and its origin is unknown. Attempts to measure mass of RPC-087 at this time have met negative results; its vertical height varies at all times. RPC-087 absorbs/consumes alpha, theta and delta brain waves (“Dreams”) from sleeping and/or unconscious victims: ongoing research is in progress to understand mechanics of how RPC-087 absorbs/consumes gross brain wave activity.

The current study indicates that brain mass is lost during these events. Brain death is the result of sustained exposure to absorption/consumption events. Temporary exposure to absorption/consumption events results in CSDS to remain in either a vegetative or minimally conscious state. RPC-087 also exhibits physiological changes during absorption/consumption events and appears to become more solid than vaporous. When not in absorption/consumption condition, RPC-087 can envelop victims and kill in approx. ██ seconds.

RPC-087 was first encountered on 10/30/1988 during the body retrieval of Mr. ███████ from Happy Home Hospice Care, located in the city of El Cajon, CA. Local law enforcement was called to investigate the sudden death of ████████ who was working for East County Mortuary picking up the deceased Mr. ███████. Preliminary autopsy reports on deceased ECPD and MST had produced inconclusive results; the bodies did not exhibit signs of trauma at the time of death. Authority personnel embedded in ███████ contacted containment units to incident site. Authority MST responded and assumed control of the incident. RPC-087 was found in the highly agitated state, killing ███████, a member of MST Alpha-5 before full containment was achieved.

Addendum 087-1:

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