Registered Phenomena Code: 085

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Mechanical Hazard, Extreme Temperature Hazard

Temporary Containment Protocols1: All elevators at Site-002's Alpha Sector(Terrain) are programmed to skip Sub-Level 07, and all stairwells leading to Sub-Level 07 have been blocked. All entrances to Site-002's Alpha Sector(Terrain) from other sectors of Sub-Level 07 have been sealed. 8 hoses capable of pumping no fewer than 50 liters of liquid Helium per minute are placed within RPC-085's location, with at least 5 hoses active during all times.

The aforementioned hoses are to be replaced per 3 months of usage by specially trained CSDs equipped with Bodmer Mk.II Proximity Suits. Research into RPC-085 as a possible source of energy for Site-002 is underway.

Construction of a missile silo for Site-002 is currently under evaluation by Site Director Sullivan and GD-15 as a possible means of minimizing casualties in the event of RPC-085 reaching a critical temperature.

Description: RPC-085 is a blue mechanical alarm clock visually and, as of current Authority understanding, mechanically indistinguishable from non-anomalous mechanical alarm clocks of similar make. RPC-085 is fully functional as a mechanical alarm clock and is set to ring at 07:03 every day.

Heat is generated by RPC-085 incredibly quickly anomalously logarithmically through unknown means, with the rate of heating currently believed to adhere to the following formula: [3/085 CREDENTIALS REQUIRED]. Currently, RPC-085 is at 65 to 70 Kelvins stabilized between 1100 to 1200 Kelvins with current Authority efforts.

RPC-085 is impervious to all forms of heat-related damage but is no more immune to physical damage than that of a mechanical alarm clock of similar make. However, damaging RPC-085 is ill-advised as such actions would reduce the heat capacity of RPC-085.

Attempts to remove the batteries have resulted in failure2. The batteries of RPC-085 have been theorized to be an infinite source of energy, as RPC-085's functions as an alarm clock have been functional since RPC-085 was placed within Authority custody.

We're better off putting 085 in a really cold box than trying to turn it off. At this point, I don't see how containing the active version of 085 can be troublesome in any way.
-Dr. Justin Dunkle

RPC-085 was discovered on 21/11/1996 after the Authority intercepted reports of an "unusually functional and hot alarm clock" from the Hong Kong Fire Services Department after the ██████ ████████ Fire in ██████, Hong Kong. Agent Stringer was deployed to ██████ and retrieved RPC-085. Whether RPC-085 was the cause of the ██████ ████████ Fire or RPC-085 was created during the ██████ ████████ Fire is still unknown.

On 11/02/1999, RPC-085 reached a temperature of 1100 Kelvins, causing significant damage to Sub-Level 07 of Site-002. See Incident 002-1138(Addendum 085.3) for more details.

Addendum 085.1:

On 10/11/98, Site-038 was attacked by the Church of Malthus, resulting in the lockdown of Site-038's Sub-Levels 1 to 4. RPC-085 was, at the time, being tested by Dr. Dunkle and Researcher Hunt at Room CD604 of Site-038, and was subsequently unable to return RPC-085 to Site-038's Alpha Core for storage.

During the period, RPC-085 was temporarily contained by Dr. Dunkle and Researcher Hunt for 70 hours with the application of liquid nitrogen onto RPC-085, which was readily available in a storage room nearby. The incident was resolved on 13/11/98 when control of Site-038 was regained by Romeo-7 (Suited Gentlemen), MST Echo-7(L'Infanteire), and Authority Security, killing ██ Malthus Agents and capturing ██ more.

RPC-085 was returned into containment on 13/11/98, with an increase in temperature to 80 Kelvins. Dr. Dunkle and Researcher Hunt were awarded the Order of Merit for their handling of the situation and were invited to the meeting regarding the alterations in RPC-085's status as an RPC item. See Addendum 085.2 for more details.

Addendum 085.2

Due to the incidents documented in Addendum 085.1 as well as the lack of funding received by Site-038, a meeting among the Board of Global Directors was conducted on 03/02/99 to discuss the potential alteration of the RPC status for RPC-085. Dr. Dunkle and Researcher Hunt were also invited to the meeting.

Those in favor of RPC-085's downgrade to an anomalous item, headed by GD-02, cited that RPC-085 was costing the Authority an "unnecessary" amount of resources to contain, and that the understanding of RPC-085's heating properties at the time, then determined to be [3/085 CREDENTIALS REQUIRED], indicated that RPC-085 would not be a significant detriment to containment unless RPC-085 had reached over 400 Kelvins.

Those in opposition of RPC-085's downgrade to an anomalous item, headed by GD-17 and Dr. Dunkle argued that the understanding of RPC-085 was still limited and that RPC-085 was still extremely dangerous in the event of mishandling.

The downgrade of RPC-085 was subsequently voted 10-6-3. RPC-085 was downgraded to an anomalous object and retitled "AO-D7689". RPC-085 was transferred to Site-002 afterward.

You guys are making a huge mistake.
-Dr. Dunkle

Dr. Dunkle, every dollar not spent on that alarm clock is a dollar spent towards containing seats on trains, stopping a star with anger management issues, and paying for better toilet paper. Accept that 085 is not worthy of our time and move on.

Addendum 085.3
RPC-085 was transferred to Site-002 on 08/02/99 and subsequently placed within Anomalous Locker 7509 without incident.

On 11/02/99, the staff at Sub-Level 07 filed multiple complaints, reporting of a faulty ventilation system. At 11:38, an explosion caused by RPC-085 occurred on Sub-Level 07, killing 8 Authority research personnel and 5 CSD personnel. RPC-085 was able to reach a maximum temperature of 1100 Kelvins before being temporarily contained by Authority Security personnel. 2 more personnel were killed during Authority attempts to control RPC-085.

A temporary Containment Protocol was established on 14/02/99 by Dr. Dunkle, who was at Site-002 to oversee the transferral of RPC-085. A permanent containment protocol is expected to be established by April March 2000 2002 2008 2013 2020.

An estimated 35 lesser anomalous items and 2 Alpha-Class objects were lost during Incident 002-1138.

Addendum 085.4

I fucking warned you idiots.

Dr. Dunkle was reprimanded for the vandalism of RPC-085's file.

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