Porcelain Plague




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Registered Phenomena Code: 084

Object Class: Gamma-Yellow

Hazard Types: Bio-Hazard, Transmutation Hazard

Containment Protocols: Instances of RPC-084-2 are to be kept in standard humanoid containment cells until fully converted. Fully converted instances of RPC-084-2 are to be incinerated and their cells cleaned with high-pressure washers. All samples of RPC-084-1 are to be kept in a high-security biohazard container in the Medical Wing of Site-███. Access to samples of RPC-084-1 for testing must be approved by at least one Level 3 personnel. Creation of RPC-084-2 instances must be approved by at least two Level 3 personnel. In the event of an outbreak infected individuals are to be sterilized and instances of RPC-084-2 are to be contained as previously described.

Description: RPC-084-1 designates a venereal disease originating from the █████ province of the People's Republic of China. RPC-084-2 designates prepubescent individuals infected by RPC-084-1. Instances of RPC-084-2 have been recorded in every European country.

RPC-084-1's anomalous effects only manifest in prepubescents; older individuals are unaffected by RPC-084-1, but they still serve as carriers. Testing has shown children born from carriers of RPC-084-1 are born fully converted, regardless of when the mother was infected. This suggests an advanced rate of development in unborn individuals.

Progression of RPC-084-1 through instances of RPC-084-2 follows a predictable timeline:

Time After Infection Symptoms
One Hour Instances of RPC-084-2 become contagious.
Thirty Days Internal tissues start being converted to porcelain, converted organs function identically to unconverted organs, the mechanism for how is unknown. This process is described as "excruciating" by RPC-084-2 instances.
Four Months Outer tissues start being converted to porcelain. Subjects become increasingly fragile and movement becomes difficult at this stage.
Nine Months Instances of RPC-084-2 are fully converted to porcelain. All recorded instances have ceased movement at this stage of infection.1

Past nine months of infection, instances of RPC-084-2 are designated as fully converted. Observation has shown no changes in instances up to 10 years after being fully converted. Powder released by RPC-084-2 instances has been found to cause mental degradation when inhaled.

Addendum 084-1: The People's Committee for the Acquisition of Anomalous Objects has rejected all Authority help in producing a cure or helping those affected, deeming it unnecessary. They have been cooperative in Authority research, however.

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