Registered Phenomena Code: 081

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Mechanical Hazard, Ideological Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-081 is to be housed in a locked containment chamber with the dimensions being 10 x 15 x 5m. No personnel Level 3 or higher are authorized to enter the cell under any circumstances. Researchers and guards assigned to RPC-081 are to be rotated out every 2 weeks and are to recieve psychiatric evaluations.

Instances of RPC-081-2 are to be given a vacation week to recover.

Description: RPC-081 is a machine that was produced sometime during 17██. RPC-081 is composed of beakers, flasks, and primitive versions of modern chemistry equipment1 which is spread out among various tables in a circular fashion.

In the middle of RPC-081 is a slab of stone marked with engravings2, this is the primary input. To the left of the slab is a crushing mechanism meant for hard materials, this is the secondary input. The output is located at the back of the slab.

The purpose of RPC-081 is to create gold through a chemical process — which the exact science of is unknown. The secondary input is reserved for the lead, that is crushed manually in the mechanism, then placed into a beaker filled with water. The primary input is 1 live human (now referred to as RPC-081-1), which is to be placed on the slab, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. The beaker with lead and water is to then be [DATA EXPUNGED]. The contents of the beaker are then funneled into the rest of RPC-081 until the gold is produced.

In addition, prolonged exposure to RPC-081 makes individuals experience a strong desire to be put into RPC-081, and are now referred to as RPC-081-2. RPC-081-2 instances become increasingly more obsessed with RPC-081 the more they are in contact with it.

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