Registered Phenomena Code: 080

Object Class: Gamma-Orange

Hazard Types: Sensory Hazard, Memory Alteration Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-080 is currently not in containment and its location as of now is unknown. The last known sighting of RPC-080 was on ██/██/████ at Site-███ sometime after its initial meeting with Agent H███ (see Interview Log 080-A under Incident 080). The capture of RPC-080 is considered a high priority due to [DATA EXPUNGED]. ASF Rapid Response Team ("Seekers") has been tasked with the immediate recovery and subsequent detainment of RPC-080.

Description: Due to the nature of RPC-080, any and all descriptors are indiscernible. As the result of what can be best described as "anti-memetic" properties, it is currently impossible to perceive any identifying characteristics of RPC-080 while simultaneously allowing it to perfectly blend into any environment where the presence of people is commonplace. Because of this "mental camouflage," RPC-080 is fully capable of integrating itself into even the smallest of crowds undetected. Likewise, the anomalous nature of RPC-080 is not recognized by those who are not already privy to its effect. RPC-080 has been described as an "unremarkable" and "average-looking" human with no apparent anomalous nature until one is pressed to describe it further. All subjects that are known to have had direct and indirect contact with RPC-080 were unable to provide any concrete details about its appearance when questioned (see Interview Logs 080-B and 080-C under Incident 080). It is unknown if RPC-080 is actively taking advantage of its anomalous effect to remain hidden generally or from a specific entity and/or evade Authority apprehension.

Incident 080:

The following documents detail the events and resulting investigation that took place at Site-███, collectively designated Incident 080.

Addendum 080-1:

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