Registered Phenomena Code: 079

Object Class: Gamma-Orange

Hazard Types: Climatological Hazard, Organic Hazard, Sentient Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-079 must be monitored by personnel at all times to observe any changes in the environment. A network of air and ground surveillance rovers must maintain observation of RPC-079 at all times. Personnel are required to operate on 6-hour shifts. Under no circumstances are personnel not belonging to the surveillance maintenance team permitted to exit the research facility located at the edge of RPC-079. Shipments of bottled water, food, research materials, and maintenance supplies are to be made every 48 hours.

Between the months of December to February, all personnel are required to remain within the onsite research facility or the nearest underground bunker. Local authorities are to be instructed to evacuate any settlements within 100 km of RPC-079 during these months. Authority personnel are required to prepare for full-scale recovery and reconstruction efforts and be fully prepared before 12:00 AM, December 1st. All personnel are required to be inside the facility and fitted with full body protective wear and air quality filters during a manifestation of RPC-079-A. Under no circumstances are personnel to enter RPC-079 or interfere with RPC-079.

Description: RPC-079 is a section of land approximately 76 km2 located in northern Finland. The surface of RPC-079 is composed of exposed shale. RPC-079 contains growths and structures resembling typical flora and fauna of Finland encountered outside of RPC-079 exclusively composed of various types of minerals and gemstones. (See Study Logs)

RPC-079 was discovered in 2016 by satellite imaging technology. RPC-079 and the surrounding area had been falsely included as part of a local lake, and its existence had been unknown to locals. Upon discovery, Authority personnel were sent to establish a presence in the area and block civilian access. A year-long initial observation study was conducted, with the results later determining the containment procedures for RPC-079.

A list of the identified seasons within RPC-079 is available below, presented in chronological order.

Permanent containment of RPC-079 was established upon the conclusion of the study. In addition, a study as to ascertain the nature of RPC-079-A was approved on the grounds of the information documented by the research team, and it has been declared a priority to determine if there are any methods of neutralizing or preventing any manifestations of RPC-079-A.

A request to utilize RPC-079 as a source of high-quality resources for use in the creation of specialized electronics requiring components that can be found within RPC-079 was denied on grounds of causing significant damage to RPC-079 with potentially dangerous effects.

Attempts to identify a presence of humans in RPC-079 have been approved.

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