A photo of RPC-078-3's workroom; Taken with a body camera by CSD-1451 [See Testing Log 01]

Registered Phenomena Code: 078

Object Class: Alpha-Orange

Hazard Types: Organic Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Transmutation Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-078 is to be surrounded by 100 meters of aluminum fencing measuring 4 meters high. At least eight members of the Authority Security Force are to be stationed outside of RPC-078's entrance at all times. Anyone caught trying to enter RPC-078 without Level-3 credentials is to be captured and sent for questioning.

Description: RPC-078 is the designation given to a building located in [REDACTED], Nebraska. The exterior of RPC-078 is coated in lime-green paint, and the words "Dutchmann
Orthodontics" are plastered above the entrance. The only way to enter and exit RPC-078 is through its front door. RPC-078's interior consists of two separate rooms, the first of which appears to be a waiting room consisting of numerous chairs as well as a front desk. The second room is at the end of a short hallway that leads out of the waiting room. This room contains numerous types of orthodontic equipment, as well as a doctors chair and an examination light. A single window is present on the north end of the room, however testing has shown that the window is impenetrable and can not be broken using conventional means. Both rooms are visibly weathered, with peeling paint, as well as signs of structural damage, present in both the interior and exterior walls of RPC-078. RPC-078 displays a consistent state of being "open", and has shown to always accept more test subjects as long as the temporary limit has not been reached.

Discovery: RPC-078 was discovered after residents of [REDACTED] Nebraska discovered the presence of numerous instances of RPC-078-Alpha and alerted the local police force. The police investigated RPC-078 and attempted to arrest RPC-078-1 through -3, resulting in the deaths of ██ officers. The Authority was notified and evacuated the town. All residents were mind-wiped using amnestics and cover story S94-A1 was implemented. All instances of RPC-078-Alpha were seized and placed in containment.


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