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Registered Phenomena Code: 076

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Visual Hazard

Current Containment Protocols: RPC-076 is to be kept in the █████ Sector’s Garage of Site-███. Personnel are to run testing and diagnostics on both RPC-076 and RPC-076-A on a monthly basis. Access to RPC-076 requires Gamma-076/04 clearance. RPC-076 is currently in the possession of MST-Oscar-10 “Jack Rabbits”.

Description: RPC-076 is a 1964 Chevrolet Chevy II Nova in pristine condition. RPC-076 has been coated a light red, and can be occupied by up to five passengers and can carry up to 385 Kg. RPC-076 does not possess nor exhibits any anomalous properties other than its compatibility with RPC-076-A.

RPC-076-A is a Chevy 350 5.8 V8 engine that appears to be modified with unfamiliar technology that could not be reversed engineered. When powered on, RPC-076-A will create several distinct noises with differentiating pitches which is designated as RPC-076-B. RPC-076-B creates an antimemetic effect on RPC-076. When subjects view RPC-076-A, upon being activated, will immediately forget the existence of RPC-076 or the interior of RPC-076.

Testing on RPC-076 has revealed that subjects, when affected by RPC-076-B, have an effect to their limbic system of the brain. It's been shown that the effect radius of RPC-076-B has been estimated to be six (6) meters squared. Additionally, RPC-076-B's antimemetic effect has no effect when viewing through thermal or video imagery.

Testing reveals that this effect does not cover the passengers inside RPC-076. Measurements of the temperature inside of the item have been recorded to have reached 165°C. Sound waves emitted by the engine is the only thing perceptible by sapient beings.

Discovery: RPC-RPC-076 was discovered in the home of Nathaniel ████████. On 12/24/2002, Nathaniel was not seen by his neighbors for weeks and a missing person's report was sent to the local law enforcement. Local police searched for Nathaniel for four months, who was found later by his girlfriend Kayla █████ inside RPC-076, dead from carbon monoxide poisoning. The Authority got involved and inspected RPC-076 for any anomalies. RPC-076-A was found and both items were taken to Site-002. It’s still unknown whether Nathaniel was murdered or if this incident was a suicide.

Addendum: Test Logs

Addendum: On 01/28/2003, site director ███████ ██████ of Site-███ suggested the usage of RPC-076 for stealth operations. The suggestion is awaiting Global Director approval.

Addendum: Usage of RPC-076 for stealth operations has been authorized by GD-██. GD-██ has directed the use of RPC-076 to MST-Oscar-10 “Jack Rabbits”.

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