Registered Phenomena Code: 075

Containment Rating: Gamma

Lethality Rating: Purple
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Containment Protocols:


FLIR imaging of RPC-075's latest form, taken from an MST Zulu-05 aircraft.

RPC-075 is currently at large, and taking the form of a close-coupled canard delta fighter aircraft of an unknown model (NATO reporting name: "Firefly"). The anomaly has been detected to typically patrol and engage in combat within contested airspaces over Eastern Europe.

Containment personnel are to treat RPC-075 as nuclear-capable, and under no circumstances should it be allowed to engage targets near populated areas. Furthermore, the form RPC-075 currently assumes exhibits stealth/semi-stealth characteristics and should be treated as such during engagements.

Unlike the previous containment protocols, RPC-075 does not respond to any disengagement order relayed from any known secure military frequencies. Do not attempt to establish contact with the anomaly.

A joint containment operation has been formed between the ASF 1st Air Wing, UN Peacekeeping, UNAAC Anomalous Assistance Force, and the Russian FSB. RPC-075 containment efforts are currently being led by Maj. Erich Yeager of the re-instated MST Zulu-05 "Speed Demons."


On 24/02/2022, and following numerous failed attempts to recontain the anomaly, The Board has placed a neutralization order on RPC-075, with the following justifications:

  • Anomaly may possess the ability to eliminate life en masse (weapons-grade fissile material).
  • Loss of life both civilian and military caused directly and indirectly by the anomaly.
  • Political instability caused by the behavior of the anomaly.
  • Erratic and indefinite attack patterns.
  • Indeterminate containment procedure.


As of 24/02/2022, RPC-075 assumes the form of an unidentified close-coupled canard delta fighter aircraft of an unknown model. Based on satellite imaging and combat footage of the anomaly, the current form measures approximately 18m in length, 10m in width, and 3m in height.

As with its previous forms, RPC-075 retains its locomotion, transmogrification, and translocation capabilities, with seemingly no deviation or variation. The anomaly also retains its deep understanding and knowledge of air-to-air combat, both within and beyond the visual range scope.

However, the anomaly now exhibits a different behavior in identifying targets; RPC-075 will engage any airborne contact in its operation area (approx. 2,000 km2) regardless of the IFF signal transmitted from the aggressing aircraft. Furthermore, it also treats airborne contact not carrying an IFF transmitter (i.e. commercial airliners) as hostile.

RPC-075 also retains its weapon materialization ability, and has been recorded in multiple instances2 to have launched missiles of various makes and models, with no signs of system incompatibility. Although unconfirmed, the anomaly is also theorized to possess the ability to materialize standoff nuclear weapons in addition to the aforementioned dumb-fire and guided munitions.

Recounts from Authority personnel engaged with RPC-075 mentioned that the anomaly exhibits excellent energy retention and climb rate, indicating its current form either has a low overall mass, or a high thrust-to-weight ratio. Furthermore, the exterior paint scheme consists of a plain sky-grey camouflage scheme with no roundels or other identifying marks.

Its current form seems to follow the contemporary design philosophies of many modern canard delta fighter aircraft. Limited wind-tunnel research with wooden mockups suggests the anomaly has the ability to exhibit unparalleled high-AoA performance, although its turn rate proved difficult to measure, as the exact mass of the aircraft is currently unknown.

Furthermore, the design of its diverterless air intakes, coupled with the overall shape of its primary wings, empennage, and canards, suggests the airframe has a degree of stealth capability. Further theories include that the cockpit is equipped with radar-reflecting Indium Oxide plating, seen in many contemporary stealth designs.

The full extent of its stealth capability can be measured from the recounts of numerous engagements with containment personnel. The anomaly has been measured to be virtually undetectable by radar in the front and rear aspects, partially visible in the side aspect, and is at its weakest and most visible in the top and bottom aspects.


The first manifestation event of RPC-075 was theorized to have taken place during WWI, however, the sheer number of air battles taking place at the time, and the lack of reliable information sources have proved the effort to confirm this theory to be difficult.

The first recorded instance of an anomalous appearance of a single opposing fighter aircraft took place in 1967, during the height of the Vietnam War. In ██/██/1967, a formation of six F-4C Phantom II as part of the 555th Tactical Fighter Squadron was flying a routine patrol sortie in the skies above Vietnam.


Gunsight camera footage of RPC-075, 1967.

Lt. Vizcarra, at the time acting as a Weapons System Officer for the lead aircraft, reported the sudden appearance of a radar contact 10 Miles (16 Km) ahead of their formation. He reported utilizing the combat tree to determine hostility. When no response was received, Lt. Vizcarra acquired a radar lock on the contact and prepared an AIM-7C SARH missile for launch.

However, Capt. Townsend, acting as the squadron leader, insisted on acquiring visual contact before engaging. Capt. Townsend, Lt. Vizcarra, and Lt. Callahan (WSO for the third F-4C in their squadron), all confirmed the opposing aircraft was a Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 carrying North Vietnamese roundels.

The opposing MiG-21 managed to shoot down a single F-4C before outrunning the rest of the squadron and disappearing off the radar coverage using terrain masking. Lt. Callahan was the only survivor of the downed aircraft, as his pilot's ejection seat had failed to ignite. Lt. Callahan later recalled that the opposing MiG-21 "had no pilot in the cockpit," citing the reason being "[the cockpit] was entirely teal."

Reports of the sudden appearance of a lone opposing fighter aircraft would be received at an increased frequency in most major air-to-air engagements since then, with the most notable event taking place in the 2001 invasion of Iraq. On 20/03/2003, a squadron of USAF F-15Es spotted a single aircraft carrying the radar signatures of a MiG-29 flying along the southern border of Iraq.

The opposing MiG-29 simply left the area when two of the F-15E performed a combat turn and acquired a radar lock. This was the event that caught the attention of the Authority, as both coalition intelligence and Iraqi sources stated that the IQAF had zero presence in 2003, due to Saddam Hussein had ordered the bulk of his air force to be disassembled and buried.


RPC-075 as a US Navy McDonnell Douglas F-4J Phantom II. Panama, 1989.

The Authority made official contact with RPC-075 when a report of a lone McDonnell Douglas F-4J Phantom II carrying US Navy markings and roundels was spotted flying along the southern coast of Panama during the opening stages of the 1989 US Invasion of Panama.

On December 20, 1989, a USAF-operated Boeing E-3 Sentry, at the time acting as the AWACS overseeing the execution of Operation Just Cause, spotted an unscheduled flight of a lone US Navy F-4J flying below 2,000 meters just off the coast of Panama City. Two USAF F-16Cs were dispatched from Howard AFB to intercept and escort the aircraft out of Panama airspace.

RPC-075 was compliant in following the interception squadron's orders to divert and land back at Howard AFB. When the ground crew observed the absence of pilots inside the cockpit, Gen. Thurman notified the CIA, which in turn notified Authority personnel stationed in Central America.

Form Logs:

Below is a list of forms RPC-075 has assumed over the years. Documents dated prior to 01/01/1990 have been digitalized from their original compositions.

Incident Logs:

Below is a list of incident logs caused either directly or indirectly by RPC-075. Documents dated prior to 01/01/1990 have been digitalized from their original compositions.

Supplementary Documents:

Below is a list of documents that may or may not be connected to RPC-075. Documents that have been confirmed as having connections to the anomaly will have its object number added to the file name suffix. Documents dated prior to 01/01/1990 have been digitalized from their original compositions.

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