The two tunnels leading to RPC-073. The picture was taken from the North Section of OL-Site-73.

Registered Phenomena Code: 073

Object Class: Alpha-Orange

Hazard Types: Bio-Hazard, Emotional Hazard, Aggression Hazard, Extra-Dimensional Hazard

Containment Protocols: OL-Site-73 has been set up around RPC-073 and consists of two sections; North Section and South Section. Both sections are located 200m away from the northern and southern exits of the tunnels respectively.

As of 17/01/19██, all regular trains route through an alternate set of tunnels. All tunnels and maintenance shafts leading to RPC-073 have been sealed off from the public under the guise of ongoing engineering works.

OL-Site-73 will maintain a fleet of eight trains each consisting of one driving motor car at the front (modified to be remotely initiated, and programmable), two trailer cars in the middle, and a non-driving motor car (a motor car with no cab for a driver) at the rear.
Authority staff must send one unmanned train through both the northbound and the southbound tunnels towards RPC-073 every six hours, regardless of whether a previously dispatched train has exited RPC-073 or not.

Failure to dispatch trains every six hours is to be considered a breach of containment and will trigger automatic lockdown fail-safes in both sections of OL-Site-73. Lockdown will persist until a train is sent into RPC-073 from both sides simultaneously.

Motion, laser tripwire, CCTV, and proximity sensor suites at all entrances and exits of the tunnels must be monitored at all times, and maintained daily.

Any instances of RPC-073-1 should be avoided at all costs as direct physical contact results in an extremely fast onset of Bubonic Plague symptoms and death within 5 - 15 seconds, regardless of vaccinations. There are currently no known means to defend against or repel instances of RPC-073-1.

Any unauthorized persons attempting to enter OL-Site-73 or any tunnel leading to RPC-073 are to be apprehended and interrogated.

Description: RPC-073 is a set of anomalous underground train tunnels below London, United Kingdom. The tunnels are located between the █████ ████ and ██████ ██████ London underground train stations on the ████████ Line. The RPC-073 tunnels show no structural or design differences to standard tunnels; One tunnel is designed for northbound travel, while the second tunnel is designed for southbound travel.

The distance between the █████ ████ and ██████ ██████ stations is 2.9 km and would normally take 2 minutes to traverse at an average speed of 80.4 kph. However, RPC-073's anomalous properties cause anything passing through the tunnels to take wildly varying amounts of time to reach the other side, regardless of speed.

The exact internal size of RPC-073 has so far proven impossible to determine as each test has produced different results. However, test results do adhere to standard calculations1 and all recorded data correlates with the other variables. EG: Distance traveled data matches the expected result when calculated by using the velocity readings and total time taken. This confirms that while anomalous in its overall size from test to test, the interior of RPC-073 does adhere to Euclidean principles. (See Experiment Logs for more information.)

Subjects on a train that passes through RPC-073 report hearing abnormal screeching, screaming, wailing, and similar sounds. Subjects also report catching glimpses of black silhouettes in all reflective surfaces within the train. These silhouettes have been designated RPC-073-1.

The glimpses and sounds are extremely unsettling for anyone witnessing them and instil feelings of dread and anxiety that increase in intensity the longer the subject stays within RPC-073. Subjects also report feelings of being watched by the RPC-073-1 instances.

There are no reports of RPC-073-1 instances causing any physical harm to subjects aboard a moving train passing through RPC-073 however, instances are to be considered extremely hazardous and all physical contact is to be avoided at all costs. Post-mortem autopsies on subjects that had direct physical contact with RPC-073-1 instances indicate that subjects were infected with an extremely fast-acting strain of the Bubonic plague.2 According to eyewitnesses and security CCTV footage, subjects died from the infection within 5 - 15 seconds after contact with an RPC-073-1 instance.
It is still unknown what RPC-073-1 instances are made of, if they are sentient, what their motives are, and how or why they manifest. All attempts to communicate with RPC-073-1 instances have failed. (See Incident Log 02.)

Discovery: RPC-073 was discovered on 04/12/19██ when the 8:45 train from ███████████ ███████ to ███████ failed to arrive at the ██████ ██████ station until 4 hours and 23 minutes later. The driver overrode the ATO system, activated the emergency brake system, then jumped out of his cabin before the train had fully arrived at the station. The train came to a halt with only 4 of its 8 cabins at the platform. Station staff was overwhelmed by hysterical, dehydrated, and lightly injured passengers fleeing the train.
Authority agents embedded within the emergency services that responded to the incident swiftly contained the situation and administered medical attention and amnestics to all station staff and passengers. No loss of life was reported, however, the train driver fled the scene before containment could be established.

The train driver has not been located or identified thus far. While it is unlikely the train driver will cause any kind of breach of secrecy or lead any unauthorized persons to attempt to breach containment, he has been designated PoI-073-1 and must be apprehended for questioning as soon as possible.

Addendum 073-01: Due to the questions raised by Incident 13, additional resources and staff are being assigned to OL-Site-73.

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