Fragment of RPC-072 removed for testing purposes, also known as RPC-072-1

Registered Phenomena Code: 072

Object Class: Gamma-Yellow

Hazard Types: Auditory Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-072 is to be kept on its display podium within its designated locker in the soundproofed containment chamber at Site-064. It is not advisable that any personnel who are not naturally deaf (excluding CSD personnel) handle RPC-072 directly, as the RPC Authority does not yet have sufficient equipment to guarantee personnel safety when in direct contact with the object.

Description: RPC-072 is a cluster of transparent crystals, measuring approximately 60x69x45 cm, with a (presumably artificially) flattened base. The crystals themselves appear to be similar in chemical composition to common quartz crystals, with the exception of the presence of [REDACTED]. This compound is thought to be the cause of the anomalous properties detailed below. However, attempts by the Authority to reproduce this chemical composition artificially have been unsuccessful.

The object itself produces a low-volume (45db approx.) sound which has been described as "bringing forward… similarities" in the other ambient sounds it combines with (even sounds presumably loud enough to drown it out). Those who have heard the sound describe it as a "low hum" or a "uniform buzz". However, spectrogram analysis of the sound reveals a complex pattern which does not conform to the provided description.

The effects of RPC-072 have proven addictive to those who have heard them, and CSD personnel subject to testing with RPC-072 have shown numerous withdrawal symptoms when not directly exposed to the sounds of RPC-072. Indirect exposure via recording has proven unsuccessful in relieving these withdrawal symptoms, even with sampling rates as high as ██████ Hz (the current limit of technology available to the Authority). Nonetheless, it is not advisable that personnel above CSD's be exposed to the sound produced by RPC-072, even indirectly.

Withdrawal symptoms associated with RPC-072 include: Depressive episodes, nausea, obsessive thinking, dermatillomania, [REDACTED], and an inability to recognize elements of one's immediate environment (temperature, spatial aspects, color, etc.)


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