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Registered Phenomena Code: 070

Object Class: Omega-Red

Hazard Types: Pending Review


An instance of RPC-070

Containment Protocols: The business owners of fast-food establishments within the Burger King brand have been instructed to check their children's play-areas for abnormal changes in internal structure. This is to be done at least twice a week.

If anomalous behavior is found, it is to be reported to the Authority and MST Victor-1 ("Tunnel Vision") is to be deployed to the location. They are to partially deconstruct the RPC-070 instance in order to neutralize the anomalous effect. Afterwards, it can then be reconstructed. In case of remanifestation, staff should continue to check for structural changes even after a neutralization.

Description: RPC-070 is a spatial anomaly affecting the fast-food restaurant chain "Burger King", specifically, establishments with a particular type of indoor play-area. These play-areas consist of a series of colorful tubes, slides, ladders and other components, combined in a maze-like structure meant to serve as entertainment for customers' children. There is no discernible pattern as to when RPC-070 will appear. RPC-070 only manifests once every several months or years. RPC-070 has never been documented affecting more than a single establishment at once.

After manifestation, an RPC-070 affected play-area will undergo two distinct stages. The first stage lasts 25 to 30 days. It begins with the internal structure increasing in size vertically and horizontally. The exterior of the play-area does not change in size or appearance.

This increase in size manifests as a slow stretching and morphing of the plastic components within the structure. The creation of rooms and tunnels of varying shapes, sizes and colors has been observed. They often contain structures reminiscent of a children's jungle gym, such as monkey bars, rope swings, and net floors.

After approximately 10 days, the internal structure will have reached a size of roughly 60 cubic meters. Newly formed rooms and tunnels will have begun to take on irregular forms or housing anomalous contents. Some recorded examples include the following:

  • A massive, elliptical room with 500 branching tunnels, each beginning with a circular opening.
  • A pink tube travelling in one direction for 50 meters without any intersections.
  • A room with walls completely covered in spikes. The size of these spikes ranged from a few centimeters to half a meter. The spikes were made of dull plastic.
  • An orange, circular tunnel with a hemispherical window on one side. Through the window, an extremely large room was visible. In the corner, the figure of a humanoid entity was able to be seen. It was in a crouched position, its arms wrapped around its head.
  • A rectangular, purple tunnel leading to the opening of what appeared to be an empty elevator shaft. The shaft traveled up and down, neither the top or bottom visible. An object was dropped in. After a few minutes, the object reappeared, falling from the upward part of the shaft. It continued falling but did not reappear a second time.
  • A turquoise, oval shaped tunnel that began to shrink towards one end until it could no longer be traveled through, ending with a small hole. Looking through this hole, flashing lights of red, blue and green were visible. Incoherent whispers became audible at close distances to the end of the tube.

By the end of stage one, the structure will have reached a size of approximately 3 cubic kilometers. Most of the structure will be far enough from the entrance(s) to be in complete darkness.

The beginning of stage two is marked by the appearance of RPC-070-A instances which are quadrupedal humanoid entities with inverted spines and torsos. The creatures have human-like heads, rotated 180 degrees and lacking any nasal organs. The entities emerge through small crevices in the tunnels. They have sharp claws which allow them to obtain a firm grip on the walls. Because of this, 070-A instances are extremely agile, able to travel long distances and around corners in the structure, much faster than a human could.

070-A instances survive by consuming the children that enter RPC-070 affected play-areas. In order to remain hidden from any onlooking parents or restaurant staff, the entities remain in areas of darkness. Children naturally avoid these dark areas, often forcing 070-A instances to hide behind corners and quickly capture passing targets, taking them away from any potential witnesses. After acquiring a child, an 070-A instance will cover the child's mouth in order to muffle any screams until it has traveled deep enough into the structure as to not be heard by outsiders. Once far enough, the entity will consume the child. It first snaps the child's neck in order to paralyze it, then begins to devour chunks of flesh. Once the skin and muscle tissue have been completely consumed, the entity will leave the carcass and return to capture a new child.

070-A instances are able to manipulate the environment of the RPC-070 structure. They do this by pressing one hand flat against a surface. Said surface will then slowly change in shape over the course of several minutes. This ability is often used to create rooms to lure, trap and/or kill prey. Complex uses of this ability can take up to several hours. The following are some recorded examples of structures created through this manipulation.

  • A blue slide that became steeper until it reached a vertical drop. This drop was at least 300 meters in height. Three corpses were found at the bottom.
  • A trap door in the floor of a tunnel with a small space below it. An 070-A instance would wait inside this space. Once a child was above, the entity would open the trap door and pull the child in. This method was effective enough to be feasible in areas relatively close to entrances.
  • A small room with a crude drawing of a smiling person on the wall. There was a single doorway into the room with a plastic cover that could be slid up and down over the door. An 070-A instance would wait around the corner of the room until a child entered before sliding down the cover.

An attempt to deconstruct an RPC-070 instance in order to study its anomalous behavior instantly neutralized the anomaly. The structure returned to its state prior to any anomalous expansion. Entities within the expanded portions of the structure (including 070-A instances and several children) disappeared. It is unknown what happened to the entities and children involved.

Addendum: On June 16, 2019, an RPC-070 test was approved in which an RPC-070 affected play-area was isolated and allowed to enter its second stage. Infrared cameras and audio recording devices were placed within the structure for remote surveillance. Fifty 070-A instances manifested (designated A-01 through A-50 based on order of initial manifestation). It was found that without human children entering the structure, the 070-A instances became cannibalistic. They began to viciously attack one another in order to obtain necessary sustenance. An event transcript is available below.




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