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Authority Artist Reconstruction of RPC-067

Registered Phenomena Code: 067

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Aggression Hazard

Containment Protocols: MST Whiskey-07-03 (“Space Force”, Faust squadron) will be assigned to monitor employees at large corporations for manifestations of RPC-067. Through the assistance of host countries, MST “Faust” will screen employees who have been exhibiting signs of extreme overwork and willingness to complete tasks they are not assigned as part of their job description. Any persons exhibiting these signs will hereafter be classified as RPC-067-1. Persons manifesting as RPC-067-1 are to be immediately apprehended by Authority agents using cover as localhost intelligence services in order to avoid the suspicion of friends and family. Those manifesting as RPC-067-1 are to undergo procedure 38-5 “Scrivener” utilizing all necessary interrogation and psychological techniques, including ████████ and ███████, with the approval of onsite Level-3 Authority psychologists. Once RPC-067-1 has declined the request of RPC-067, RPC-067-1 should be monitored for 48 hours until de-manifestation of RPC-067 can be confirmed. RPC-067-1 is then to be administered Class A-3 amnestics. Any instances of RPC-067-1 that have progressed past two weeks should be terminated by local MST “Faust” elements as soon as discovered in order to immediately halt any further manifestation of RPC-067.

Description: RPC-067 is a nondescript middle-aged man that will materialize and contact employees at large corporations.1 RPC-067 has no known home or nationality and any efforts to trace RPC-067’s phone calls or emails have been met with return addresses of already existing non-anomalous entities. RPC-067 is often described by RPC-067-1 instances as being very friendly and understanding, although it is currently unknown if these are genuine properties of RPC-067, or if they are a memetic manifestation as part of its anomalous effects. RPC-067 has, to date, never materialized in a situation in which RPC-067 can be viewed by anyone other than RPC-067-1; and will find alternate means of contacting RPC-067-1.

RPC-067 will typically make contact with employees via phone, but on occasion has been noted to utilize email in order to make the first contact. RPC-067 will ask employees for simple favors such as forwarding a report to their supervisor. If the employee refuses RPC-067 will de-materialize and not contact the employee again. However, if the employee complies with RPC-067, they will begin an escalating series of contacts with RPC-067 and hereafter be referred to as RPC-067-1. RPC-067 will attempt to meet with RPC-067-1 in person following the first successful request and will attempt to build a relationship with RPC-067-1. RPC-067 will gradually ask RPC-067-1 to perform duties and deeds outside of normally accepted ethical standards, such as doctoring financial statements and spreading rumors about RPC-067-1's boss. Once RPC-067-1 has begun to comply they will typically not desist in their activities stating that, "████████ ████"2 is a nice guy and I want to help him out." Once RPC-067-1 has fallen into the control of RPC-067, RPC-067 will soon request that RPC-067-1 commit acts of violence. When RPC-067-1 is in danger of being discovered committing these acts, RPC-067 will instruct instances of RPC-067-1 to take their own lives (Please see Interrogation Logs for further information). An instance of RPC-067-1 is theorized by The Authority to have caused the death of a politician ███ ████ and subsequent mass suicide of ███ individuals in █████████, ██████ in the year 19██.3

Once RPC-067-1 has maintained contact with RPC-067 past a two-week period, RPC-067 will no longer de-materialize upon the refusal of requests. RPC-067 will instead begin to regularly contact and harass RPC-067-1 about deadlines for requests during work hours and severely interrupt their regular duties via phone calls and emails. Recovered emails on the computer of an afflicted individual revealed ████ emails asking if RPC-067-1 could [DATA EXPUNGED] their current supervisor. If RPC-067-1 continues to refuse or ignore requests for a period of two more weeks, RPC-067 will initiate stalking of RPC-067-1. RPC-067 will materialize in person and disrupt the eating and sleeping schedules of RPC-067-1 until compliance with demands, or RPC-067-1 expires from exhaustion or hunger (Open Journal Entry 067-1-1 For More Information).

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