Registered Phenomena Code: 065

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-sapient.png Sapient h-visual.png Visual h-organic.png Organic

Containment Protocols: Any changes to RPC-065's available entertainment materials, room furnishings, enrichment program, or weekly schedule to include testing and curfew must be approved by both the Head of Security1 and Head of Adolescent Care2 for Site-026.

RPC-065 is assigned to room number 116 in the low-threat housing wing of Site-026. RPC-065's housing chamber is a standard 3 child habitation unit furnished for one resident and augmented with thermal imaging cameras in lieu of all security cameras.

RPC-065 is allowed to request material including clothing, art supplies, books, DVDs, and toys for recreational purposes, provided continued positive cooperation. Requested materials must be approved by the Child Care Expert assigned to RPC-0653 as well as the Head of Adolescent Care and the Head of Security for Site-026. All approved materials may be permanently stored within RPC-065's assigned housing chamber.

RPC-065 may be escorted by its Assigned Child Care Expert to any of the children's recreational areas within Site-026 during unassigned scheduling, provided continued positive cooperation. The Assigned Child Care Expert for RPC-065 must coordinate all of RPC-065's movements throughout Site-026, with On-Duty Security Monitors. On-Duty Security Monitors are required to switch to thermal imaging for each section before allowing RPC-065 to enter, in order to guard themselves against accidental exposure.

RPC-065 is to be provided with a set of custom-made video goggles. These goggles are designed to be both comfortable and lightweight while providing real-time camera feed of the wearer's surroundings within a 130-degree field of vision. RPC-065 is required to wear this headgear at all times outside of assigned quarters.

Should these goggles become unexpectedly damaged or removed, residential and security personnel are instructed to avoid visual exposure by closing their eyes and navigating the situation via touch. RPC-065 has been instructed to assume a position with eyes closed, palms covering the eyes, and face to the floor, during these incidents. Should RPC-065 be unwilling or unable to assume this 'Turtle' position, Site Staff are instructed to use the minimal necessary force to ensure that RPC-065's upper body is covered. RPC-065's Assigned Child Care Expert is required to carry an emergency blanket to be used in such instances. Should this blanket be unavailable, the use of alternative methods is authorized.

Description: RPC-065 is a human female of Western European descent, currently 8 years of age, with curly brown hair and white skin. Genetic testing of RPC-065 has shown no abnormal deviations from the human genome.

RPC-065’s eyes are the source of a cognitohazard capable of causing temporary to permanent paralysis, nerve damage, or death. This cognitohazard is constantly active and has shown effectiveness through transparent, translucent, and reflective materials as well as through video and photographic mediums. The lethality and persistence of symptoms are roughly proportional to the directness and clarity of exposure with lower resolution, distorted, or partial exposure being (initially) mostly harmless. Repeated exposure to RPC-065's cognitohazard has proven to drastically increase the lethality of future exposure, partial or otherwise; the more partial exposure an individual experiences, the higher the chance of any level of exposure leading to a fatal reaction. The nature of this effect is currently being studied.

RPC-065's cognitohazard has demonstrated some level of effectiveness towards all creatures capable of sight within the visual spectrum. RPC-065, however, appears to be completely immune to this effect as no amount of exposure to its own image or reflection has resulted in any adverse reaction. RPC-065 has also demonstrated an unexpected resistance to a number of other cognitohazards, especially, however not limited to, those adapted from algorithms derived from RPC-065 itself. The nature of this immunity is currently being studied.

Discovery: RPC Authority agents operating as nurses at ████████ Hospital in ██████, Greece requested an immediate Collection and Cover Operation after realizing that several hospital staff were falling victim to a cognitohazard present in one of the delivery rooms. MST Foxtrot-4 arrived at the hospital within eight (8) minutes of contact and quickly determined the source of the hazard. RPC-065 was collected and 18 Hospital staff and residents were administered Class-A-1 amnestics with the cover story of birth complications causing the loss of both mother and child.


Note from Dr. Slot:
Following Incident ████/DEC/06, RPC-065 has had fewer positive interactions with her peers during unscheduled testing time. I am currently developing a strategy for re-integrating RPC-065 within her social group. Mostly revolving around active learning and team-building activities.

Note from Dr. Meyers:
"Since my placement as the ACCE for RPC-065, her motivation for social intersection has been understandably diminished. The introduction of team-building activities has not shown very strong results. RPC-065 has, for the most part, resigned herself to her room, avoiding all non-mandatory social interaction."

Note from Dr. Meyers:
"RPC-065 has requested permission to paint the walls of her room. I have filed an official request for permission for RPC-065 to paint on the walls of her housing chamber along with the needed paints as well as further installments of the television show 'The Joy of Painting'. I expect this to serve as a helpful outlet."

Request Approved.

Note from Dr. Meyers:
"Recent cross-testing between RPC-022 and digital and photographic images of RPC-065's memetic hazard has shown no adverse effects. I have filed an official request to move forward with cross-testing in person between the two. Hopefully, this will be good for her to meet someone she can look in the eye."

Request Approved.

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