A recovered RPC-064-A-4 corpse.

Registered Phenomena Code: 064

Object Class: Beta-Red Gamma-Red

Hazard Types: Grouped Hazard, Aggression Hazard, Sapient Hazard, Organic Hazard

Containment Protocols: All RPC-064-A, and RPC-064-C instances reside in OL-Site-0641, within a 1.7~ kilometer toric enclosure. The enclosure's wall is 150 meters tall, 0.1 meters thick, and plated with a 3 cm layer of steel on the inside. Any structural damage to the wall or plating must be repaired by construction teams immediately, and said construction teams are to be under the protection of security forces.

The enclosure's wall includes four gatehouses with one for each quadrant of the wall. Each gatehouse includes the following installations: refractory binoculars, pillbox turrets, incendiary turrets, and vehicular sized airlock doors. All equipment entering the enclosure must be GPS tracked and maintained. The recovery of lost equipment is of high priority, unless stated otherwise by site administration. Any personnel who purposely/negligently leave item(s) within the containment enclosure may result in: reprimanding, a docked wage, demotion, and expulsion.

Termination of RPC-064-A and RPC-064-C instances is to be expected, and carried out without concern. The population of RPC-064-As must be kept below 1000~ individuals, and any instances detected attempting to escape, or steal/study Authority equipment are to be terminated immediately. Moreover, any RPC-064-A or RPC-064-C spotted within 0.2 kilometers of the wall are to be given warning shots, and be subsequently terminated if unheeded. For weaponry assigned to personnel operating within the enclosure, see the equipment tab below.

It is mandatory that personnel sent into the enclosure are deployed with an APC, and equipment to counter both RPC-064-A and RPC-064-C.
Equipment Counter(s)
Shotgun (Bird-shot loaded) Anti-RPC-064-A
Standard assault rifle Anti-RPC-064-A
Standard submachine gun Anti-RPC-064-A
Reinforced riot shield Anti-RPC-064-A
Anti-material rifle Anti-RPC-064-C
Flamethrower (30+ meter range) Anti-RPC-064-A and RPC-064-C
Standard grenade launcher Anti-RPC-064-C

In the event that RPC-064-A have teleported from the containment enclosure, their new location must be immediately ascertained, through the use of satellite imagery. Upon the detection of an RPC-064-B marking their exit point, the RPC-064-A population is to be assaulted and driven from that location. This process it to be repeated until their inadvertent return to woodland within the enclosure.

If an RPC-064-B is in the vicinity of a civilian population, that area must be evacuated, but under false pretenses. This includes excuses such as radiological hazards, biological hazards, terrorist attacks, chemical spills, etc. Although RPC-064-B are completely benign, they are to be demolished. In addition, any civilian(s) victimized by either RPC-064-A or RPC-064-C are to be given amnestics, and medical treatment. Any civilian(s) killed are to be given a false story as an explanation for their cause of death.


An RPC-064-B instance in the vicinity of the public.

Description: RPC-064-A instances are an intelligent species with anatomy similar to hominids, birds, and flying mammals. RPC-064-A instances due to their anatomy and the square cube law are able to lift objects 7.53x~ their own body mass2, enabling them to carry relatively heavy objects. The wings of this species posses a unique structure similar to both hummingbirds and bats, granting them high mobility. This enables them to fly and hover 120~ meters into the air, move in all six directions, and reach an unladen airspeed velocity of 125.24 kilometers per hour.

RPC-064-A take advantage of teleportation, presumably as a self preservation mechanism, to escape existential threats. Although this process has yet to be fully understood, it can be easily tracked. The exit points, RPC-064-B, are conspicuous, and can be easily identified by satellite due to their distinct blue coloration. The locations teleported to appear limited in scope, being areas only where they will settle, predominately temperate forest. This includes temperate forests/woods such as those found in Europe, Japan, New Zealand, or the United-States where they currently reside.

RPC-064-A gain a common lethality through their use of weapons. Recovered weapons produced by RPC-064-A are proportionally very long for their bodies, and show an understanding of advanced manufacturing processes. Moreover, RPC-064-A are naturally adept in close quarters combat, and will consistently make successful lethal strikes, such as performing a stab through the eye socket. See the weapon table below for examples of weapons used by RPC-064-A.

Weapon Resemblance Description Combat Tactics
"Kriegsmesser" A great broadsword like weapon, imposingly long, but incredibly thin RPC-064-A using this weapon will go mainly for slashing attacks in large sweeps.
"Yari" A very long spear-like weapon with a sword-like end to it. RPC-064-A using this weapon tend to use a mix of slashing and stabbing attacks.
"Épée" An exceptionally long stabbing weapon with a needle-thin pointed tip. RPC-064-A using this weapon will exclusively make stabbing attacks using large thrusts, or by flying at high speeds towards a target.

RPC-064-A are structured in a caste based hierarchy that determines what roles they perform among their population, for further information see the tab below.

RPC-064-A instances are highly territorial, attacking all encroaching threats, especially humans who bring about proportionally far larger responses. It is theorized that RPC-064-A view humans as a larger threat. This is speculated to be caused by their understanding of human intellectual capability, and/or casualties attributed from conflict with personnel in the past. Furthermore, upon the detection of personnel by RPC-064-A, scout(s) will attempt to ambush them, and/or ascend into the sky while increasing in luminosity, acting akin to a flare. This will alert other RPC-064-A-1 instances to attack, whom of which will often be accompanied by supporting RPC-064-A-6.

RPC-064-A-6 instances who accompany RPC-064-A pose a considerable threat to personnel. Although RPC-064-A-5 are no more physically imposing than other RPC-064-A, they are however, capable of rapidly creating RPC-064-C. RPC-064-C are aggressive, lumbering, humanoid automatons composed of wood, miscellaneous plant matter, and █████████. Furthermore, RPC-064-C are exceptionally agile, always moving in a deliberate way not unlike parkour, enabling them to move at uncannily high velocities through rough terrain. Moreover, RPC-064-C have incredible strength, due to their wooden xylomuscles, being able to exert lethal forces through the use of strikes and crushing attacks.


RPC-064-A, RPC-064-B, and RPC-064-C were discovered following unusual reports in Galway, Ireland. These reports included: a sizable blue circle of flora, flying balls of light, and corpses found with stab wounds, and/or extreme blunt trauma.4 Additionally, the initial MST team assigned to investigate the suspect activity faced two casualties during their probe, see the attached audio-log below for further details.


It appears ferrous materials are toxic to RPC-064-A, causing them to have prompt adverse reactions, to the point of expiration if prolonged. I hereby request that the containment wall be plated with a thin layer of steel, based on my findings.

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