Registered Phenomena Code: 063

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: h-aggression.png Aggression Hazard h-incorporeal.png Incorporeal Hazard h-sapient.png Sapient Hazard h-transmutation.png Transmutation Hazard h-contact.png Contact Hazard h-extra-dimensional.png Extra-dimensional Hazard h-auditory.png Auditory Hazard h-ideological.png Ideological Hazard h-mind-regression.png Mind-Regression Hazard h-visual.png Visual Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-063 is to be contained in a secure containment tank. The dimensional areas of the containment tank are to be fitted with a ruthenium material, mixed with aluminum oil, to prevent RPC-063 from breaching containment through its extradimensional properties.

Personnel requesting to conduct an interview are to seek approval from a Level 4 staff. However, personnel that are known to have religious affiliation, particularly Catholicism, are to be denied from access or proximity of RPC-063's containment tank. In the event of a containment breach, Site-042 is to be locked down and security is to be diverted into the containing of RPC-063.

In the aftermath of an incident, RPC-063 was transferred to Site-042. (See Addendum 063.04)



Description: RPC-063 is an extradimensional humanoid entity of unknown origin. Measuring approximately 1.43 meters in height, subject does not display any kind of imitation of clothing nor physical structure in any form, which can be contributed to its darkened epidermis making the subject almost unidentifiable in terms of facial or physical appearance.1 The only identifiable features of RPC-063 are its distinctive white pupils and clear translucent of its humerus and hands.

RPC-063-1 is the collective designation for individuals targeted by RPC-063. RPC-063's extradimensional properties allows itself to oneirically transfer to a person's dream, and amplify their phobias to RPC-063-1. RPC-063 purposefully targets people who have an affiliation to Catholicism, or Catholic beliefs, but will also target people it feels threatened or intimidated by.

When RPC-063-1 is exposed to RPC-063, RPC-063 will project RPC-063-1's phobia through visual and auditory hallucinations.

Instances of RPC-063-1 have been observed to be in a state of hysteria and oftentimes will attempt to harm themselves or others within their proximity. After 15-40 minutes of exposure, RPC-063-1 will fall into a circulatory shock, followed by cardiac arrest.

In previous interview sessions, personnel have attempted to communicate with RPC-063, but RPC-063 would respond by leaving indecipherable messages on the observation glass. It's been assumed that RPC-063 is mute. Following an interview conducted by Researcher Fraser, it was revealed that RPC-063 capable of speech, and supposedly identified itself as Nyx, the goddess of darkness. (See Addendum 063.03)

Addendum 063.01: Discovery

On January 3, ████, Head Department Dr. Gabrielle was found deceased in the Office Wing of Site-014. Internal Agents determined that Dr. Gabrielle's cause of death was a heart attack, though Dr. Gabrielle had no history of heart or medical issues prior to the incident. Security footage revealed that moments after Dr. Gabriella had died, RPC-063 was seen glancing at the camera before vanishing.

Further investigations uncovered that the catholic cathedral's attendees in [REDACTED] were reportedly missing, or found to have died from natural causes. One of these attendees was Dr. Gabrielle, who was a devoted Catholic often attending the cathedral. While Internal Agents investigated the cathedral in question, they encountered Vatican Agents who were [DATA EXPUNGED].

The Authority negotiated with the Holy See for information in regards to RPC-063. As a result of these negotiations, the Holy See transferred confidential documents and reports pertaining to RPC-063, dating back to the Protestant Reformation (See Addendum 063.02)

On March 17, ████, MST Sierra-8 ("Sundowners") within the South Dakota Highway Patrol spotted and located RPC-063 at an abandoned church near Sisseton, South Dakota. A tactical response team was deployed to contain and retrieve RPC-063. Upon arrival, the team made contact with RPC-063 and attempted to contain it. However, the team sustained casualties and were unsuccessful on containing RPC-063. Six hours later, RPC-063 was once again located, and successfully contained.

Addendum 063.02: Confidential Vatican Documents

Documents obtained from the Holy See revealed that RPC-063's initial encounter was in the mid-late seventeenth century. Vatican Agents from the established Psychological Initiative Occult2 had initially confirmed RPC-063 on March 23, 1642. Prior to the point of contact, Vatican Agents were investigating atrocities committed within local villages and discovered many remains of Catholic followers within churches.

Vatican Agents claimed that Martin Luther, a leader within the Protest Reformation, was somehow behind the summoning of RPC-063, but Agents could not evidently connect the atrocities committed by RPC-063 and Martin Luther.

Many of the documents lacked any such reference of attempts to capture or contain RPC-063. At the orders of Pope Innocent X, the Psychological Initiative Occult was ordered to suppress public information and media of any information relevant to the RPC-063's atrocities. The last official document to observe RPC-063 was written on November 4, 1650.

Addendum 063.03: Post-Discovery Interview

Researcher Fraser was the assigned supervisory staff to conduct interviews on RPC-063. These interviews were to extract information pertaining to RPC-063's history, and other relevant information. Previous interviews have shown RPC-063 to be uncooperative, but it would respond by leaving indecipherable messages on the observation glass. However, on August 24 ████, RPC-063 was observed to speak verbally to Researcher Fraser.

The following is an interview between Researcher Fraser and RPC-063.

Addendum 063.04: Incident 08/17/████

While in its containment tank, Site-███'s power grid was under maintenance by onsite technicians. During this time, RPC-063 was observed by onsite security to behave in a strange manner and technicians at the power grid reported an unknown increase of energy. Within 2 minutes, security then observed a static electricity surging within RPC-063's containment tank, which it exponentially grew and caused an electromagnetic pulse.

Site-███'s power grid spontaneously exploded, although no technicians were harmed in the process. However, as a result of the power grid shutting off, the back-up generator failed to activate and multiple containment breaches occurred as a result. The incident lasted for two hours until additional security forces arrived, and assisted containment.

As a result of the incident, the Site Management of Site-███ ordered the transfer of RPC-063 to the maximum security facility of Site-042. Regional Site-82 approved the transfer, and RPC-063 wasn't transferred to Site-042 until two weeks after the incident.

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