Registered Phenomena Code: 061

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Animated Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Contact Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-061 is contained at Site-███ in a 1x1x1 meter containment cell crafted from military-grade ballistic steel in cold storage of at least -50°C. The containment cell is to be checked for damage on a weekly basis. Access to RPC-061's cell is restricted to personnel with level-3 clearance or CSD personnel assigned to inspection and repair. Any damage or weaknesses in RPC-061's cell are to be reported and repaired immediately. Any attempt at containment breach is to be responded with a minimum of two liquid nitrogen fire extinguishers.

In emergency conditions, RPC-061 may be contained by conversion of a willing Authority Security Personnel into an instance of RPC-061-1. Personnel chosen must show a ██ level loyalty to the Authority and its goals.

Description: RPC-061 is a medieval style gauntlet worn on the left hand made of metal plates attached to a leather glove. It has shown to be completely sentient and capable of motion via movement of the leather portions. Currently, it is unknown how it perceives anything that goes on around it as the gauntlet appears to be completely devoid of all sensory organs. When in containment, RPC-061 scratches at its containment constantly, unless it is doused in liquid nitrogen. Cold temperature is the only method proven to subdue it enough for containing by stiffening it's leather.

When unconstrained, RPC-061 will immediately pursue any human in its vicinity. Despite only being a gauntlet, it has reported to move at speeds of 60/Kmh. If it should make contact with a human, they will be compelled to wear it. Subjects wearing RPC-061 are to be referred to as RPC-061-1. Initially, RPC-061-1 will begin to undergo cognitive changes that will shift their personality towards that of a classical knight. Such changes include more archaic and formal vernacular, as well as a more respect during interactions with others. Subjects will believe they are a knight and will express a desire to earn their glory.

As these changes advance, RPC-061-1 will begin to find fault with others. Subject will start declaring others dishonorable. Any attempts to disagree with this are met with demands for satisfaction from RPC-061-1. These demands often surround a want for duels with the offending party. Care should be taken when undergoing the various kinds of duels RPC-061-1 will declare as subjects are often considerably stronger and more durable than they normally would be. This behavior will continue growing worse until any interaction with another person is completely impossible without offending RPC-061-1. The time taken to reach this stage is dependent on how readily people around RPC-061-1 act in a way perceived as honorable by the subject.

Instances of RPC-061-1 that have advanced to the final stage have shown to be extremely aggressive and unstable. Subjects will be violently reactive to any action taken by or anything said by anyone near them. Absolutely any interaction is enough to induce a rage state. Subjects will have little care for their own safety or health at this point and will continue in this rage state until all offending parties have been terminated.

Should the current host of RPC-061 be terminated, RPC-061 will remove itself from the subject's hand and search out a new host immediately. Removing RPC-061 from RPC-061-1 at any point has proven to be impossible and any attempts will simply speed up the rate in which the subject devolves into violence.

It is currently unknown if RPC-061 is part of a set of gauntlets or possibly even a full set of armor. All agents are alerted to keep an eye out for anything matching RPC-061.

Discovery: RPC-061 was discovered on ██/██/1971 in a low population area of ██████, England following an investigation into a serial killer by local police officers. During the course of the investigation, three officers were killed by an unknown assailant. Surviving officers reported the assailant received numerous gunshot wounds and was barely slowed. MST Hotel-1 "Highlanders" was deployed and RPC-061 was subsequently contained. For full transcript, please see Hotel-1 Field Log 3124-269.

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