Registered Phenomena Code: 060

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Ideological Hazard, Transmutation Hazard

Containment Protocols: All CSD personnel are to retain their wedding bands while on the premises of Site-088. All other personnel, including E-class personnel, should have their wedding bands confiscated upon entering the grounds of Site-088. Site-088 should maintain an onsite warehouse with objects eligible for RPC-060-B transmutation. New objects are to be added at the request of any personnel with security clearance 3 or above.

Description: RPC-060 is a metal ring of variable diameter and a width of 7mm with the inscription "GOLD GAB ICH FÜR EISEN 1914", in the fashion of "patriot rings" that the German and Austro-Hungarian governments gave to citizens who donated gold (particularly their own wedding bands) to aid the war effort.


Picture of RPC-060. RPC-060-A-2 event followed shortly after removal.

RPC-060, after an RPC-060-A-1 event, is capable of transmuting itself onto any wedding band within a seemingly indefinite range, but it will generally stay within 200m of RPC-060-B unless no valid targets are within range. This transmutation takes 3 days to complete, starting with the discoloration of the original ring and reshaping it into its original width. After this, the engraving will sequentially complete itself by adding one more letter every hour, ending with 2 random glyphs at the end. The purpose or meaning of these glyphs is as of yet unknown. The owner of RPC-060 henceforth referred to as RPC-060-A-1, will be completely oblivious to this process and will insist to keep RPC-060 on their finger at all times.

After the engraving is completed, RPC-060-A will begin to look for a valid object for an RPC-060-A-1 event. For an object to be valid, its composition must consist out of at least 3 materials of varying texture, hardness, and flexibility, and it must always contain some form of metal, stone or hardwood. The object cannot contain any significant traces of gold.

Upon touching an object that fits the parameters, an RPC-060-A-1 event will take place 2 minutes after initial contact. After the delay, RPC-060-A will begin to quickly have most of his body transfigured to become of a similar material composition as the object that triggered the RPC-060-A-1 event, with the hardest material generally making up the bone structure. The entire transformation will take 13 seconds to complete, and no RPC-060-A subject has been known to survive the procedure. The resulting construct referred to in this document as RPC-060-B, will continue to wear RPC-060 until it will rust off at its own accord over a period of 6 months. So far, no methods of slowing down or stopping metal oxidation have proven effective at preventing this decay.

If RPC-060-A is unable to find an appropriate object for an RPC-060-A-1 event within 30 hours of the complete transmutation of their wedding band or is forcibly parted with RPC-060, it will initiate an RPC-060-A-2 event. Once begun, the inscription rust over, and revise itself to "BLUD GAB ICH FÜR EISEN" followed with having 1914 being replaced by the current year. This process takes 8 hours to complete, and after it is completed, RPC-060-A will undergo a dramatic increase in the iron levels in their blood, causing RPC-060-A to expire from liver poisoning within 20 hours. Over the course of the next week, the iron levels in the blood of the corpse of RPC-060-A will increase until the bloodstream is filled completely with oxidized iron powder. After this period, RPC-060 will be reduced to rust, and RPC-060 will restart the transmutation process. To minimize loss of CSD personnel, an RPC-060-A-2 event should be avoided.

Addendum 060-1: The following is an observation of the different outcomes of the RPC-060-A-1 process when given different objects.

Test subject: CSD-9811
Object used: Ikea brand Friheten corner sofa-bed
Outcome: upper skin layers replaced with the textile of the couch (55% polyester, 34% modacrylic, 11% cotton), bone structure replaced with solid wood. Cartilage replaced with plywood. Most organs and muscle tissue replaced with the stuffing used in Friheten pillows. Most tendons have been replaced with springs of comparable shape to those found underneath the couch.

Test subject: CSD-7511
Object used: Rockrider 340 mountain bike
Outcome: Upper layers of skin replaced with the rubber of equal tensile strength to the grips of the bike. Bone structure replaced with a metal of similar density and coloration as the bike frame. Cartilage replaced with saddle foam. most internal organs replaced with tire rubber. Most muscle mass replaced by bundles of brake cables.

Test Subject: CSD-7884
Object Used: Acer Aspire XC-830 Desktop PC
Outcome: Most organs and skin disappearing altogether. Bone structure replaced with the metal of the casing. Cartilage replaced with the polymer the Aspire XC-830 motherboard is made from. Most of the muscular and cardiovascular system has been replaced with a variety of cables. The heart has been replaced by a non-functional Intel Celeron J4005 processor with factory cooling fan on it. Eyes replaced by transparent polymer used in status led's on motherboards.

Addendum 060-2: Following [DATA EXPUNGED], the Impact Assessment Committee has issued a restriction on any further attempts to create RPC-060-B instances using eligible RPC objects.

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