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Registered Phenomena Code: 050

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow1

Hazard Types: Contact Hazard, Visual Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-050-a is to be held in a secured containment locker at Site-002. Use of RPC-050-a for further testing and/or site transferal must be approved by any researchers with L2/050 security clearance.

Authority-operated bots are to be implemented throughout all public and private internet domains to observe the potential distribution of RPC-050 digitally. Use of international surveillance cameras and field agents will allow for observation of physical RPC-050 distribution.

Description: RPC-050 is the designation for an image with several anomalous properties, which are retained when it is redistributed in different formats.

When RPC-050 is held in a physical form by any human individual, said individual will experience extreme visual hallucinations, most often in the form of increased color and light intensity perceived by the individual. Other visual effects have included warping of surrounding objects and tonal shifts in color.

When RPC-050 comes in contact with surrounding matter, said matter takes on a vibrant hue. Prolonged contact most often results in several colors appearing. This effect is permanent and is only capable of increasing in magnitude over time. RPC-050 exhibits a similar property when linked with other imagery on digital platforms2.

RPC-050 initially existed as a portion of a Polaroid SX-70 photograph (RPC-050-a), dated back to 1973. On the back side of RPC-050-a are the words "made with help from Amazing! Co.™—NOT SPONSORED" written in black whiteboard marker.

Addendum 1: RPC-050-a was discovered following a report of vivid hallucinations from a resident of Inglewood, CA in 1973. Following the amnesticization of said resident, RPC-050-a was recovered from the resident's apartment on the kitchen countertop. Accompanying RPC-050-a was an opened letter with information potentially related to the origin of RPC-050. A text transcript of the letter's contents is documented in the sub-addendum below.

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