Site Director Jacobs,

The Board has come to a decision regarding Incident 049-01 and the containment of RPC-049. Please utilize RPC-040-B to terminate RPC-049. Failure to comply will be met with disciplinary action and possible debriefing.

Thank you.
Global Director Architect "Flood"


Janet Neuman, ██/██/1949.


Registered Phenomena Code: 049

Object Class: Omega-White

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-049 is currently permitted to roam various sectors of Site-002, as there is no way to contain it to a single location.1

RPC-049 is to be provided a functioning electronic keycard with a security level of 2A. The provided keycard is to be registered as Janet E. Neuman, personnel ID number 002-818-006784 and updated once annually.

Personnel assigned to Site-002 with security clearance of Level 3 or higher are reminded to maintain an elevated level of office cleanliness, document organization and information security at all times, to avoid, or minimize the negative effects of RPC-049. Site-002's administrative staff take no responsibility for lost, missing or altered documents. Following the events elaborated in on Incident Report 049-01, all documents stored on Site-002 which contain cognitohazardous imagery of any kind are to be fitted with compact wireless accelerometer units, which will alert site security in the event that the document is moved without prior permission.

RPC-049 is to be supervised by remote by no less than 2 personnel with security clearance of Level 2. This can be accomplished with the preexisting Site security camera array. RPC-049's current location can be located by contacting the active supervisor James Callaghan (duty hours 00:00 - 12:00) or Roland Joyce (duty hours 12-00 - 00:00).

Description: RPC-049 is a projection produced by RPC-040-A of a former Site-002 Human Resources archivist named Janet Neuman. Unlike other instances of RPC-040-1, RPC-049 is animate and semi-sapient. It is capable of high-order reasoning and organizational problem-solving, but only when applied to the task of organizing paperwork and documents of all kinds on Site-002. It has also demonstrated basic path-finding skills, and has adapted its movement patterns to new wings or areas of Site-002 as they have been renovated, removed or updated. RPC-049 is visually identical to Archivist Neuman, save for its absence of colour and partial intangibility (see below).

RPC-049 does not respond to external stimuli, and cannot be injured or prevented from moving by any anomalous or non-anomalous technology or method currently known to the Authority. RPC-049 is capable of moving through or intersecting any solid object less than 30cm across, regardless of density, temperature, or the presence of electromagnetic fields, provided those objects are in the linear path of RPC-049's ordinary motion.2

If confronted with an impassable vertical barrier or "trapped" in a room, RPC-049 will vanish and immediately reappear within close proximity (<5m) to a piece of paperwork or other archival document present anywhere on the interior premises of Site-002. Any attempt to exert an external force on RPC-049 with an object it is not capable of passing through will also result in it vanishing and reappearing elsewhere.

RPC-049 is capable of utilizing sorting carts, accessing file catalogues, opening electronically sealed doors with a keycard of its appropriate security level, and operating computers, albeit at a slower pace compared to Archivist Neuman's recorded daily performance. All tasks RPC-049 undertakes are done with the goal of filing or archiving documents; on the rare occasions where there have been no documents to file on Site-0023, the entity will remain immobile until such time as a document somewhere within the contents of the site needs to be filed, moved, or updated.

RPC-049 does not appear to require rest or nourishment, and has been observed to work continuously, without pause, several weeks at a time, barring minor pauses. (See Below) RPC-049 does not appear to require light to see, and has been observed filing documents in complete darkness, and, during one test, filing documents printed on asbestos which were placed in one of Site-002's incinerators while it was active.

RPC-049 has been observed to infrequently sit and imitate the action of sleep in the Site-002 archival wing break room, and visit the sixth-floor observation deck4. Site-002 personnel have consistently described RPC-049 as "unsettling, but helpful", and their repeated requests5 for assistance from the entity have led to the current state of its containment protocols.

Appendix 1: Discovery Log: During a containment breach dated 01/02/1957, Archivist Neuman unintentionally entered an RPC-040-A test chamber while that object was in its powered state. Eyewitness reports described her as having been "instantly dematerialized".

RPC-049 was only discovered during the extended facility sweep 2 days after the breach when several researchers witnessed RPC-049 repeatedly attempting to pass its keycard through the Site-002 archive's main door scanner.6

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