The mouth of RPC-048

Registered Phenomena Code: 048

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow (Utility)

Hazard Types: Gravitational Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-048 is to be contained in OL-Site-048 with active low-profile Delta ASF personnel. Due to RPC-048's remote location, minimal effort is required to mask its presence. A fence has been erected containing the land in a 5km radius around RPC-048 under the guise of The ████ █████ Nature Reserve. Appropriate procedures for concealment include passive redirection and maintaining plausible deniability in the slim chance that discovery of OL-Site-048 does occur.

OL-Site-048 maintains an active airstrip facilitating the main function of RPC-048, Protocol 048-ExOre. This airstrip is located 1.6km away from RPC-048 itself, the last leg traversed by road.

Description: RPC-048 is a grotesque carving of a face, hewn from the surrounding natural stone, its mouth forming an internal passageway of indeterminable depth. It was discovered at (2.███████,-56.███████), a remote region of the Amazon rainforest, within the borders of Suriname. The level of erosion present would suggest it to be over 8000 years old.

The surrounding area contains multiple additional statues, all of them smaller than RPC-048 to a varying degree, depicting sapient and animal figures in a similar style.

Upon placing an object in the mouth of RPC-048, the anomalous effects are as follows:

1. A gravitational anomaly accelerates the object towards the interior of the cavern.

2. Having traveled approximately 18 meters into the passage, the object disappears into opaque darkness. It is now classified as RPC-048-11. At this stage, RPC-048-1 is undetectable by any means and is within a heretofore unknown location/dimension/time period.

3. RPC-048 will begin to emit a low-frequency hum from within its interior. Until the humming stops, its gravitational effect is inactive, and it will not accept additional objects.

4. A code phrase is to be spoken at this point, by a speaker standing within the area encompassed by the surrounding statues. The code has no known limit to its length but ends once the encoder remains silent for more than a half second. To successfully encode an object, the encoder must be present. Recordings will not work.

5. After a successful performance of the preceding steps, RPC-048-1 can be reclaimed by reciting the code phase that was spoken earlier in the sequence, or by playing a recording of the original encoding. Effective recitation of the code may be performed at any location. Once the code has been recited, RPC-048-1 materializes in the reciter's mouth, whereupon it may be expectorated with no further anomalous effects.

The anomalous workings of RPC-048 have been utilized in Authority Containment Protocol 048-ExOre.


Containment Protocol 048-ExOre
This anomaly has been formally requisitioned by the Containment Solutions Department of the Authority as a means of storing small and low-risk objects.

Code words for stored objects must be over five syllables long, must not contain any polysyllabic words or grammatically arranged monosyllabic words in any of the ten most commonly spoken languages, and must be preceded by a wing designation2. Official written documentation of code words must be written in the International Phonetic Alphabet. Encoding of stored objects is to be performed by an on-site CSD-class. Encoding of objects is to be recorded in audio format. In the case of a botched encoding, the recording will be played to recover the object for another try. Every stored object and its code is to be documented and cataloged.

RPC-048 "Storage Space" has been divided into multiple "Wings", each one having a unique phonetic code. Wing designations are as follows:
Deep Storage: ip-dIn-oʊ-tʃɑ
Anomalous Objects: bljuː-nɑːr-tɛt
Mundane Objects: vI-eɪb-scjoʊ-wɔː
Emergency Access: dɛl-coʊ-dɛl-coʊ-dɛl-coʊ-loʊ
Level 4 Access: █-█-█-█
Level 5 Access: █-█-█-█-█-█-█

No objects larger than 80x80x100mm are to be contained by 048-ExOre. All objects are to be sanitized before being stored. No corrosive substances, bio-hazards, or sharp objects are to be contained without proper encapsulation. Living objects are not to be stored with the expectation of live recovery.

Objects in Emergency Access are to be coded with the "Delco" wing designation, followed by a clear description of the object and a numerical designation. For example: "Del-co-del-co-del-co-lo incendiary grenade 5".

Requests for object storage are to be filed with the Containment Solutions Department through form 048-X2-R.

Discovery Log
MST-"White Cane" was deployed in ██████, Suriname to investigate reports of an anomalous object, described by locals as a voracious stone giant that hungrily consumes any object placed within it. After nine days of penetrating the jungle, they came upon the site.
The site contained numerous stone statues, the largest of which matching descriptions that had been given of the stone giant. Multiple human skeletons were found, all of them with erupted craniums. The audio log of White Cane's investigation follows:

Parker: Some of these statues look a might unstable. Watch that you don't topple any of them. Oh, crikey, look at the maw on that one.
Dusenhauer: Ha! Get a load of this, Simon. Looks like my mother-in-law.
Parker: Simon, you've got the deep gear, I'm going to need you to probe the monolith's gob.
Dusenhauer: Leave no stone unturned and all that.
Simon steps inside of the portal and falls into the interior darkness, disappearing from view.
Parker: Pig's arse! Simon's vital readings just carked it!
Dusenhauer: Did you just say "Pig's arse"?

At that moment Simon materialized within Dusenhauer's mouth, shattering his skull. Simon was DOA. Parker alone made the hike back to the rendezvous point, whereupon he was extracted by Authority personnel and returned to Site-057. During debriefing, he remarked that he will "…never be able to say [pig's arse] ever again."

Experiment Logs - Experiments 1-36:

Log 048-02
Log 048-03

Log 048-05 [Object Lost]
Log 048-06
Log 048-07

Log 048-09

Log 048-11
Log 048-12
Log 048-13 [Object Lost]
Log 048-14
Log 048-15
Log 048-16
Log 048-17 [Object Lost]
Log 048-18 [Object Lost]
Log 048-19
Log 048-20
Log 048-21 [Object Lost]

Log 048-23
Log 048-24
Log 048-25
Log 048-26 [Object Lost]
Log 048-27
Log 048-28

Log 048-30
Log 048-31 [Object Lost]

Log 048-33
Log 048-34
Log 048-35

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