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Registered Phenomena Code: 044

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: N/A

Containment Protocols: RPC-044 is to be kept alongside a ballpoint pen on a table in a standard 5m3 anomalous object containment cell at Site-033. At least two Authority agents are to be posted at the entrance to RPC-044's containment cell at all times. Clearance to enter is to be granted only to Level-2 researchers whose queries have received approval by the Board. No pages of RPC-044 are to be removed from the containment cell.

Description: RPC-044 is an unmarked, college-ruled spiral notebook with a white cover. The object exhibits no anomalous properties until a question is written on one of the lines. When a question is written, four "answers" to the question will appear on the next page starting on the top line, in a handwriting style which resembles that of the writer. At this time, researchers believe that at least one of these answers is always true, with the others being false. The substance which appears on the paper is a chemical match for commercial-grade gel-based ink. No source for the ink has been found at this time.

RPC-044 has shown the ability to answer questions in all major world languages, and even obscure or ancient languages such as Hmong and Sumerian. Pages taken from RPC-044 will still demonstrate the anomalous effect, with the answers instead appearing on the lines below the question.

Experiment Log:

Researcher Question Responses Notes
Dr. Davis What is the color of the sky? Orange / Purple / Blue / Green N/A
Dr. Johnson What is my last name? Townsend / Johnson / Khan / Rodriguez It's fascinating how the responses all appear to be appropriate to the question at hand. - Dr. Johnson
Dr. ██████ Who will win the World Series this year? Milwaukee Brewers / Los Angeles Angels / New York Yankees / Chicago Cubs Using RPC-044 to aid in gambling is not permitted. The $500 has been confiscated. - The Board
Dr. Jacobson When will I get laid next? In an hour / Tomorrow at 10:24 PM / Next week Friday / Never Fuck. - Dr. Jacobson, Friday ██/██/████
Dr. ██████ What are the names of the board members? [DATA EXPUNGED] Questions must now be submitted to the Board for pre-approval. Dr. ██████ has been re-allocated to HR. - The Board
Dr. Alfred Where did I leave my keys? Your Car / Your Desk / Your Pocket / Your Nightstand This object could be potentially invaluable for locating hard-to-find objects. - Dr. Alfred (NOTE: Utility classification possible. - The Board)
Dr. Phillips What is the meaning of life? Love / 42 / Reproduction / [REDACTED] Whatever is behind this has an awareness of common pop-culture and a disturbing sense of things. - Dr. Phillips (NOTE: Questions will be asked as written when submitted to the Board with no changes or substitutions allowed. - The Board)

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