RPC-043 prior to construction.

Registered Phenomena Code: 043

Object Class: Alpha-White (Utility)

Hazard Types: Mechanical Hazard, Electromagnetic Force Hazard

Containment Protocols: Due to RPC-043’s remote location and the harsh environmental conditions surrounding Site-075, it is highly unlikely any civilians will accidentally discover RPC-043, making security patrols around the site unnecessary. Instead, motion detectors will be situated every 90 meters around a 1500 meter radius surrounding Site-075. In the event that motion is detected and confirmed to be human in origin, Authority Security Force units will be dispatched to intercept the trespassers. If the trespassers are civilians, the ASF units are to redirect them away from the site under the guise of ecological conservation concerns. If the trespassers are a military force or otherwise hostile to the Authority, the ASF units are authorized to use lethal force against them to defend Site-075.

Civilian mapping services are to be modified to cover up a 25km radius around RPC-043 and Site-075, and all commercial and military flights are to be redirected to avoid the airspace above this same area.

On a bi-monthly basis, the nuclear reactors of Site-075 are to be inspected and repaired as necessary. If at any point a reactor must be disabled or fails on its own, power must be siphoned from RPC-███ until the reactor(s) can be repaired and full power can be restored to RPC-043.1 Due to the unpredictable nature of this event, the use of RPC-███ to provide power to RPC-043 is indefinitely suspended.

Research into using other anomalous items in Authority custody in order to provide energy for RPC-043 is ongoing.

In order to meet the growing power demands of RPC-043, more nuclear reactors are to be built in Site-075. Due to the high cost of transporting all the necessary components for the reactors to be built in secrecy, as well as the difficulty of employing enough nuclear power specialists to maintain them, new reactors will be built as soon as RPC-043’s power demand eclipses the power generation of the current reactors at Site-075.

According to Authority projections, a new reactor must be installed within:

0 years, 7 months, 3 days

Description: RPC-043 is a machine designed to generate an anomalous field of energy projected around the Earth. RPC-043 was designed in 1951 during a clandestine joint operation between the United States and the USSR under the name “Project Tiresias.” RPC-043 is housed in a facility 1.6km underneath the Gakkel Ridge within the Arctic circle. The said facility, as well as the ground above it, is to be designated Site-075.

Surviving documentation regarding Project Tiresias expressed that the intended effect of the energy field, designated RPC-043-1, was to repel any life forms outside of Earth’s exosphere away from the planet. To do this, the field was to produce a Cognito-hazardous effect creating the perception that the Earth is completely lifeless and uninhabitable for all forms of life. The objective was to have a fixed perimeter around the Earth occupied by this field in order to prevent any alien life forms from interfering with life on Earth.

Either due to a flaw in RPC-043’s construction or due to the nature of the anomalous mechanisms necessary to its function, the actual effects of RPC-043-1 deviated from its original design. Rather than generating a fixed energy field around the exosphere of Earth, RPC-043-1 continually expanded outward into space. This expansion has continued since the initial activation of RPC-043 and is recorded to be accelerating. Current Authority predictions estimate that RPC-043-1 is expanding at a rate of 0.█c per year. This establishes that RPC-043-1 may have a radius of ██AU around Earth.

This expansion has also resulted in RPC-043 requiring significantly more power than initially intended, while also causing its energy demands to continually grow. The original specifications of RPC-043 required only a single graphite-moderated nuclear reactor to operate at 100% capacity. In the years of its continued and expanded operation, its power demand has grown to require the installation of █ pressurized heavy water reactors within Site-075. If the power demand of RPC-043 continues to grow at its current rate, modern non-anomalous power sources will be inadequate in providing RPC-043 with enough power to function within [DATA EXPUNGED] years.


RPC-043 during installation into Site-075.

After the fall of the USSR, the U.S. took full control of the operation of RPC-043. In 20██, the power demands of RPC-043 exceeded the U.S.’s ability, and thus was willingly turned over to Authority custody for containment with the expressed orders to keep the machine powered at all costs. Due to the highly secretive nature and circumstances of RPC-043’s construction, very little documentation concerning the function of RPC-043 exists, nor how the anomalous mechanism was created. Disassembly for the study is prohibited due to the unpredictable and dangerous effects of disabling RPC-043. Moving RPC-043 from Site-075 is also impossible at this time for the same reasons.

See interview log 043-A for details regarding the effects of RPC-043-1 upon deactivation of RPC-043.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, several U.S. and Russian scientists speculated to have worked on the development of RPC-043 died under unusual circumstances. Of the remaining █ members of Project Tiresias still alive, one is in Authority custody, with the remaining members reported missing since 1991. █ are assumed to be in Russian internment, while the whereabouts of the others are unknown.

Addendum 043-1: On 7/3/████, Mobile Specialized Team Sierra-1 ("Moonlighters") conducted a raid on a Russian black site within the Oldjikan state nature preserve suspected of containing anomalous items. The MST found the site abandoned seemingly within an hour before they arrived. Containment cells were found on the site as well as a series of ██MW power generators, but no anomalous items could be located. Nearly all of the physical and digital documents were apparently intentionally destroyed. Of what could be recovered, documentation relevant to Project Tiresias and RPC-043 was found. A summary of this newfound information is included below.

Investigations into Russian connections to Project Tiresias, as well as Russian subterfuge within the Authority, are ongoing.

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