The Screeching Cries




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Registered Phenomena Code: 042

Object Class: Gamma-Red

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-aggression.png Aggression h-sapient.png Sapient h-auditory.png Auditory h-emotional.png Emotional h-sensory.png Sensory h-regenerative.png Regenerative

Revised Containment Protocol

Due to Incident 042-01, RPC-042 is currently uncontained and unable to be located. Sightings of RPC-042 are to be reported to the onsite's risk situation center. While presented as a dangerous entity to public security, containment and retrieval of RPC-042 must be considered a high-priority with minimal civilian exposure.



Fig. 042-1: Initial contact with RPC-042

RPC-042 is a tall humanoid entity suspected to originate from Mesoamerica as noted by their scar modifications and indistinguishable tattoos found common within the post-classic period.1 Appearing to be around 188cm to 200cm in height, the subject's humanoid anatomy seems to differ from that of the average human male. Most notable distinctions include skin discoloration and decomposition, bone and skeletal exposure, absence of eyeballs, and an abnormal extension of its lower jaw and arms.

Its extended lower jaw is essential to note due to its extraordinary length and unknown purpose. The lower jaw and upper jaw contain several extensive, acute supernumerary teeth.2 Each tooth's measurement varies, but it appears that each may be capable of penetrating through human tissues and bones. In theory, the purpose of the extended jaws serves to adjust its vocal frequency.

Skin tissues appear to be in notable states of decomposition. Decomposition appears to be at the advanced stage of decay, though RPC-042's vital tissues repair and degrade on a reoccurring basis, meaning it doesn't decompose and instead repairs any damaged tissues.

The skeletal structure is often visible within the exposed, decaying skin tissues. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans revealed that the skeletal anatomy appears to be exceptionally dense, approximately 2.9cm to 3.2cm in diameter.

While each bone is rigidly connected, researchers have uncovered a foreign substance that, theoretically, causes it to increase and solidify to withstand any physical trauma. When considerable damages occur, either caused by explosives or armor-piercing ammunition, RPC-042's anatomy mutates and develop unusual properties:

  • Bone tissue increases in mass, including the extension and development of sharpened vertebrae and fingers.
  • Klazo Effect frequency causes electronic devices to be fried and rebound within a widespread distance.
  • The Mesoamerican tattoos become visible around the body, covering almost the entire skin and bones.

These mutated properties are non-permanent unless RPC-042 is either subdued or not experiencing physical trauma.

It's to be noted that the subject lacks any semblance of visual organs and is, as such, considered visually impaired. While it is uncertain why the eyeballs are absent, it's possible that all types of organs, excluding skin tissue and the spiral organ, had decomposed. The subject's anatomy then absorbed the decaying organs at some point in time.

Unlike other sensory systems, like somatosensory, in its body structure, RPC-042 has an auditory system that allows the tuning of sound waves produced above 20dB. Produced sounds at this specific decibel and above can be picked up by RPC-042 within a two-hundred meter radius. One observation noted that when in a confined space, the subject excessively grinds their teeth, indicating that RPC-042 may have the capability to echo-locate within confined spaces at a limited capacity.

RPC-042 is predominantly passive when not exposed to any sound waves produced at specific decibels, as aforementioned. However, if the subject is exposed to any sound waves produced at 20dB and above, the subject will exhibit agitation and aggression to the sound source. Once aggression is exhibited, RPC-042 will screech at a high pitch of about 130db, referred to as the 'Klazo Effect.' The Klazo Effect will typically last between 2-6 seconds, which also has the effect of causing any audio and communication devices to be disabled temporarily.

Following the Klazo Effect, the subject will aggressively attack at the source(s) until the said source has been neutralized. RPC-042 will return to its passive state once emitting sounds within its two-hundred-meter radius ceases or is neutralized.

In rare cases, the Klazo Effect, if exposed to any person within a certain radius, has the potential to develop a psychological disorder in the person unknowingly. Conditions may include anxiety, schizophrenia, and suicidal tendencies. It's important to note that the development of these disorders are usually temporary.

Addendum 042.01. History

Based on the information provided by the Department of Pre-Columbian Civilizations, RPC-042 may have preexisted since the 16th Century; during the existence and eventual collapse of the Aztec Empire.

It's exact nature of manifestation has been a subject of debate, though seemingly, RPC-042 was manifested as the result of various sacraments conducted by the Tepanec as a final resort.

For further information concerning RPC-042's history, see the attachment below.

📎 Access Attachment 042-01.1

Addendum 042.02. Discovery

RPC-042 was discovered on September 14th ████, following a four-day surveillance operation conducted by British intelligence services, namely Monarch Security, MI-13. The surveillance came after various incidents involving farmhouses discovered to be damaged, often with the owners found mutilated through undetermined means. Media outlets suspected these incidents to be terrorist-linked, resulting in the involvement of Monarch Security.

In cooperation with the Security Services, Monarch Security noticed patterns that date back to January 6th, extending from Blackpool to Manchester. Further inquiries to these patterns lead to discovering a tall humanoid3 near Hazel Grove, which prompted the dispatch of a containment team.

However, contact with the response team on the ground was unsuccessful after initial contact with the anomaly. Local authorities quickly contained the developing incident, and Monarch Security conclusively determined to conduct a joint-operation, codenamed "Atlantic," with Authority assets that commenced on September 15th.

Addendum 042.03. 07/06/XXXX Incident

On June 7th, ████ onsite security was dispatched to RPC-042's containment unit following an experiment that resulted in two casualties. Casualties were reported to be two personnel at the time, which prompted the facility to initiate a site-wide lockdown. The Incident escalated when RPC-042 was further agitated by the facility's alarms and successfully broke out of its containment unit.

By 04:49 AM, a response crew was sent to assist security as RPC-042 attempted to avoid the counter-measures and breached through the Office Wing. Within Twenty-eight minutes, RPC-042 escaped the facility resulting in considerable structural damages and casualties.

Addendum 042.04. Audio Archive

Digital recordings of the Klazo Effect were expunged and archived at the Psychology Department's directions, following substantiated evidence of increased suicide rates among listeners. An unedited version was preserved for archival purposes, but due to the reasons above, it has been placed under Level 5 clearance.

Proceed if cleared by a member of the Presidium.

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