RPC-040-A in its powered down state.

Registered Phenomena Code: 040

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Mechanical Hazard, Contact Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-040-A is to be kept in a standard high-value item container, alongside RPC-040-B and RPC-040-C in Sector-C, the west wing of Site-002. RPC-040 instances must be stored in a cushioned briefcase separate from others when not use in testing.

Maintenance of RPC-040 instances is to be undertaken biweekly by authorized personnel with security clearance of Level 2 or higher. The chamber in which the RPC-040 instances are being maintained must be cleared of any electrical outlets.

Testing with RPC-040 requires approval by at least 2 personnel with security clearance of Level 3 or higher and/or by direct approval from the assigned lead researcher. Any testing chamber(s) used must be cleared of any organic tissue prior to testing and RPC-040-A's light to be positioned against RPC-040-C for the duration of the testing.

In accordance with procedures put in place following Incident 040-A (see Addendum 040-01), all generated instances of RPC-040-1 must be terminated immediately following testing by pressing the "KILL" button located at the top right-hand corner of RPC-040-B.

Description: RPC-040 is a collective designation of RPC-040-A through RPC-040-C instances. RPC-040-A is a brown Bell & Howell Filmo 129 Silent Film Projector with slight wear on the exterior. RPC-040-A was amateurishly modified to accommodate the usage of an infrared remote control. The anomalous properties of RPC-040-A only manifest when powered on. All matter (with the exception of gaseous matter) that comes into contact with RPC-040-A's light will dematerialize (rate of dematerialization depending on the object's mass).

RPC-040-B is a remote controller that is crudely constructed from various salvaged TV remote casings used to control RPC-040-1. RPC-040-C is a projector screen that negates RPC-040-A's anomalous properties and prevents the surrounding area from being dematerialized. All objects lack an identifiable serial number.

Available commands on RPC-040-B include:

  • KILL
  • SPD UP
  • UP (Directional)
  • DOWN (Directional)
  • LEFT (Directional)
  • RIGHT (Directional)
  • JUMP
  • VOL UP

After 97% of the object's mass has dematerialized, a projection of the former object (now designated RPC-040-1) will emerge in its place; seemingly transparent with a gray monotone. Sentient/Sapient instances of RPC-040-1 are capable of interacting with their surrounding environment, but cannot act outside of RPC-040-B commands when the device is used.

RPC-040-1 instances are able to operate for extended periods of time and far from the vicinity of RPC-040-A (observed to be up to 8 hours and 1.6 kilometers respectively).

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