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A photograph of RPC-035, taken by a member of ASF shortly before re-containment after Incident-035-1


Registered Phenomena Code: RPC-035

Object Class: Beta-Red

Hazard Types: Aggression, Extreme Temperature, Ideological, Mind Regression, Sentient

Containment Protocols: The current instance of RPC-035-2 is to be contained within a reinforced solitary confinement cell in the Containment Wing of Site-074. Termination or interaction with RPC-035-2 should be limited to controlled testing with the supervision of at least two members of ASF. Testing involving RPC-035 separated of RPC-035-2 is considered dangerous and should only be conducted when a replacement for RPC-035-1 is available.

Description: RPC-035 is a 1.5L terracotta teapot with eight 105mm spider leg-like appendages and a coating of carmine paint overlaying a layer of black paint. RPC-035 has been recorded to contain 750mL of RPC-035-1.

RPC-035's temperature changes over time, with a lowest recorded temperature of 71.1°C (recorded immediately after the consumption of RPC-035-1) and a highest recorded temperature of 891.4°C (recorded after fifteen days without an instance of RPC-035-1 being consumed). Testing on RPC-035 has proven that it has a melting point exceeding 3,500°C, leading the Authority to believe that RPC-035 has no melting point. RPC-035 has a lowest recorded speed of 50km/h (recorded immediately after the consumption of RPC-035-1) and a highest recorded speed of 275km/h (recorded after 15 days without an instance of RPC-035-1 being consumed).

All attempts to destroy or damage RPC-035 have proved ineffective, and further experiments with the purpose of neutralizing RPC-035 have been discontinued until such time that a reliable method of destruction is discovered. All attempts to remove RPC-035's lid have resulted in failure. All research on samples gathered from RPC-035 main composition have resulted in non-anomalous results.

RPC-035 exhibits non-intelligent behavior while unaccompanied, having been observed to wander around mindlessly. When a sapient creature or entity enters within 5m of RPC-035, a 150mL glass teacup will manifest in the hands of the creature. The appendages from RPC-035 will then rapidly expand in height to match the relative elevation of the teacup, and RPC-035 will tilt itself so that fluid (hereby referred to as RPC-035-1) will flow from the inside of itself into the teacup.

RPC-035-1 is a semi-translucent deep magenta liquid that is similar in smell and taste to hibiscus tea. RPC-035-1 has a constant temperature of 71.1°C, and attempts to change the temperature of RPC-035-1 have failed. RPC-035-1 cannot be removed from a container that it is in, even if the container is held in a way that would cause it to pour or spill. When RPC-035-1 is consumed, it will immediately inflict the following incurable symptoms:

  • Increased aggression to living creatures
  • Decreased brain functionality, with an estimated 10% loss per every cup of RPC-035-1
  • The presence of false memories and ideas, making the consumer believe that they are British or of British descent.
  • Chemical dependency to RPC-035-1

If a target refuses to consume RPC-035-1, RPC-035 will immediately become hostile toward the target, scalding them by rising over them and pouring RPC-035-1 onto them. When RPC-035 is in this state, RPC-035-1 takes on the properties of non-anomalous hibiscus tea and the current temperature of RPC-035. RPC-035 will pursue the target until they expire or consume RPC-035-1. This usually results in the termination of the target, due to severe burns to the cerebrum.

If a target accepts RPC-035-1, RPC-035 will continue to fill their teacup until they have consumed enough RPC-035-1 to lose all higher brain function. When this occurs, the target will grab RPC-035 by its handle and enter a "zombie-like" state (hereby referred to as RPC-035-2).

Instances of RPC-035-2 do not need to eat, sleep, or excrete to survive. They are hostile, and will attempt to terminate any living creature within line of sight using RPC-035. RPC-035-2 exhibits heightened physical strength, increased physical speed, and heightened instinctual awareness. While RPC-035-2 is active, RPC-035 will not increase in speed or temperature, and has no anomalous properties other than indestructibility and the immovability of its lid. Separating RPC-035 from RPC-035-2 will result in RPC-035-2 melting, causing it to expire. When RPC-035-2 is terminated or expires, RPC-035 will begin to search for new targets.

RPC-035 was discovered in █████, England on ██/██/19██ when a number of missing persons were found dead with partially melted craniums. Investigation further revealed the presence of hibiscus tea, as well as instances of RPC-035-1 found on scene.

The search for RPC-035 was headed by MST Hotel-1 "Highlanders" with the joint assistance of MST Charlie-2 "Fire Fighters". The search for RPC-035 took four days, and RPC-035 terminated at least 12 civilians during this time. Micah Gallagher of Hotel-1 "Highlanders" was transformed into RPC-035-2 during the recovery of RPC-035.

Incident Log:

The transformation into RPC-035-2 only takes one cup of RPC-035-1 when consumed by anyone with a mother or father of British descent. This was initially discovered during the recovery of RPC-035, but has only recently been confirmed due to further experimentation and testing.

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