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RPC-034-3 outside of its packaging, RPC-034-2

Registered Phenomena Code: 034

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Contact Hazard, Corrosive Hazard, Extreme Temperature Hazard

Containment Protocols: Under no circumstances are any personnel permitted to handle opened instances of RPC-034 without appropriate Hazmat gear. All unopened instances will be retained within their respective packaging originally discovered in and stored within Warehouse █-██ at Site-███. An on-site protocol will be followed in accordance with "General Site Storage and Containment" procedures for stock and sorting purposes. The packaging of RPC-034 shall be placed upon specialized sensor pallets to detect any possible leakage of highly acidic compounds. If any such breaches occur, the nearest on-site Hazardous Material and Waste Management team will be contacted immediately via a remote alarm.

Removal of any instances of RPC-034 from their storage room must be recorded in Document U.L-██. 'Opened' instances of RPC-034 will also be recorded when placed back within the storage area and labeled appropriately. No more than two (2) instances of RPC-034 can be removed at any given time without permission from two (2) Level 3 Security Clearance personnel or higher.

Description: RPC-034 is an unmarked brand of toothpaste consisting of three (3) objects each with their own anomalous properties:

  • RPC-034-2: A red packaging container measuring 20cm in length.
  • RPC-034-3: A white unmarked 170gm tube with a red cap.
  • RPC-034-4: One basic red toothbrush measuring 15cm in length.

RPC-034-3 and RPC-034-4 always come packaged together within RPC-034-2. The contents of RPC-034-3 is a multicolored paste not unlike modern-day toothpaste composed of currently unknown, highly acidic compounds capable of melting through any solid substance it comes into contact with. These melted substances release a non-hazardous gas cloud described to prominently smell of 'mint'. Tracing of internal compounds within the paste-like substance has proven extremely difficult due to its acidic nature. The only known objects resistant to 034-3's effects are human and animal teeth/tooth enamel, RPC-034-2 and RPC-034-4. The anomalous resistance of these two objects and the tube of 034-3 itself extends not only to the paste but other highly acidic or corrosive compounds such as sulfuric and fluoroantimonic acid.1

RPC-034-3 tested samples of teeth from various sources human or otherwise show an increased tolerance against degradation and break down, gaining the same level of 'resistance' as RPC-034-2 and RPC-034-4's to highly acidic and corrosive compounds. No other tested materials have exhibited these traits thus far. Further testing conducted utilizing RPC-034-3 with various materials is ongoing, refer to the on-site director for details and permissions.2

The RPC Authority first came into contact with large amounts of RPC-034 in the town of ████████, New York, on April 0█, 19██, after multiple reports of burn-related deaths were received by the local police department (Consult addendum 034-A). Reports of the victims, when discovered, were consistently found within bathrooms or kitchens, with the lower jaw, esophagus, and most of [DATA WITHHELD] entirely burned or dissolved away, as well as various holes dissolved into the floor and surrounding furniture both beneath and around the victim. Of particular note, were the leftover teeth of said victims after presumably using RPC-034 to clean them. These teeth were entirely sterile and crisply whitened with no visible signs of corrosion.

A total of ██ delivery crates of RPC-034 were found on-board a ███████ brand delivery truck en-route to various supermarkets across the state. When questioned by undercover RPC Agents posing as local police, the driver reported having no knowledge of the hazardous product he was delivering. All contents of the delivery were confiscated, and the driver was given Class-A amnestics. Authority units followed up with an interview of the local distributor staff, reporting no knowledge of any unmarked toothpaste. An investigation into how the company acquired such items is currently underway, including a statewide search for anymore similar burn reports as well as a mass confiscation of any previously delivered product, reported having been sold at a 'discount'.

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