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Registered Phenomena Code: 032

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Contact Hazard, Animated Hazard, Aggression Hazard, Mind-Control Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-032 is to be kept wound on a spool in a sealed containment bag inside of a locked safe. Any testing done on this object must be initiated in an airtight test chamber accessed via an airlock and observed through bullet-proof glass with a ballistic rating of UL 752 level 2 or higher. If any personnel is required to be in the test chamber during testing they must wear a reinforced hazmat suit at all times. When testing is concluded the testing chamber will be flooded with a lethal gas until all test subjects are rendered terminated. After the test subject is confirmed to be dead an authority medical specialist will enter the room to perform an autopsy on the subject and remove RPC-032 from the subject in the process. RPC-032 will then be re-secured inside of it's safe.

Description: RPC-032 is a white thread that is made from rayon and 120.71 meters in length.

If RPC-032 comes into contact with a living mammal it will immediately puncture the skin and enter the body, taking the mammal as its host. While the thread is inside of a host it will render the host unconscious and integrate itself into both the nervous and muscular systems in order to take control of the host's movements. If the host is physically damaged in any way RPC-032 will "stitch" them back together, repairing them with a high degree of speed and efficiency. This increases the host's durability against physical damage. However, it does not protect the host against other causes of death, such as suffocation, poison or starvation. The thread itself is both highly durable and able to repair itself while it is in contact with a host. If the host dies, it will return to an inert state and can be removed from the host.

Further experiment logs can be found in File 032-1A

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