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Registered Phenomena Code: 027

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Extra-dimensional Hazard, Mechanical Hazard, Sensory Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-027 is to be stored within a standard Alpha-class containment locker at Site-016 while not being used for testing. Testing of RPC-027 is to be explicitly done by Authority personnel with a Clearance Level of 4 or higher. All testing of RPC-027 must be carried out with a minimum of five test-subjects.

Description: RPC-027 is a 7.62 x 7.62 x 7.62 cm black cube made of an unknown material with the phrase:


An Amazing! Co. Product
Amazing! Co. is not responsible for any psychological or existential damage.

RPC-027 exhibits no anomalous properties with the exception of maintaining a constant internal temperature of 23ºC. RPC-027’s main anomalous properties begin when five subjects place their hands on the sides of RPC-027. Once done, RPC-027 will produce a spatial anomaly from its interior (henceforth referred to as RPC-027-A) which will create an extra-dimensional gateway into a pocket universe designated RPC-027-B.

RPC-027-B is an extra-dimensional space containing identical duplicates of the Solar System's sun, earth, and moon. Subjects who are sent through RPC-027 will always arrive close together at an ever-changing and seemingly random area within RPC-027-B's replication of Earth.

Recordings by the Authority and direct eyewitness accounts reveal that subjects sent through RPC-027-A always arrive at a different time period in human history, mainly characterized by one or more major historical events. The following are a list of events which have been recorded during testing on RPC-027-B.

Subjects sent inside RPC-027-B claim to have a constant “User Interface Screen” in front of them at all times, along with several “icons” appearing. Listed below are a few descriptions given by subjects which the Authority has sent inside of RPC-027-B about the "User Interface Screen", it's functions, and it's multiple "icons", along with what occurs when they are utilized.

RPC-027-B is inhabited by instances of RPC-027-C. RPC-027-C are physically and genetically humans. RPC-027-C instances are the sole inhabitants of RPC-027-B, there are no other organisms or entities other than the RPC-027-C instances. The entities attempt to re-enact historical events. RPC-027-C instances will try to imitate soldiers, important historical figures, and civilians that partook in historical events. RPC-027-B is extremely accurate when it comes to depicting our universe’s human history with a 99.8% accuracy rate.

When subjects enter an RPC-027-B through RPC-027-A, they will immediately be placed in the middle of a historical conflict. After a period of time, the subject will begin to hear a disembodied voice known as RPC-027-D. RPC-027-D is an unknown entity that speaks to subjects inside RPC-027-D via telepathy. The entity will give commands to the subject to complete a certain objective. Commands given by RPC-027-D are as follows:

  • Capture [Input Location]
  • Ambush [Input Location or Name]
  • Research [Input Topic]
  • Assassinate [Input Name]
  • Retreat to [Input Location]

Once subjects complete RPC-027-D’s objective, subjects will be returned to our universe via RPC-027-A. Subjects will return to their initial location before displacement. Subjects inside RPC-027-B experience time slower than in our reality.

Discovery: RPC-027 was discovered following the brief disappearance of five ███████ high school students. The students, after being discovered by law enforcement, claimed to have disappeared for ten days. This was preceded by a conflicting account of the parents, who stated that the students were absent for approximately one hour. An investigation was launched by three police officers and two Authority agents. The group discovered RPC-027 in the men's locker room of the high school before accidentally activating its anomalous properties; all five personnel were promptly displaced to RPC-027-B. The two agents claim that they were taken to 1790’s France during the French Revolution. RPC-027-D gave the group the command to behead a french aristocrat waiting to be executed at a guillotine. A crowd of RPC-027-C pushed the agents toward the aristocrat and forced one of the police officers to execute the man on the guillotine. The police officer terminated the man on the guillotine completing RPC-027-D’s command and returning the group back into our reality. The two Authority agents were able to apprehend the three police and took them to Site-███ to be administered amnestics. RPC-027 was taken to Site-016 for testing.

Addendum: Test Log A

Addendum: Test Log B

Addendum: After Test-027-004, subjects who participated in the test started showing signs of schizophrenia and FMS2. Agent Three through Agent Five had developed Phonophobia3. Agent One and Agent Two had developed hemophobia4. All volunteer test subjects have the collective belief that they were soldiers who fought during World War I and died in battle. The subjects are to be administered amnestics on 01/01/2016.

Addendum: “Volunteers are to not be accepted for testing with RPC-027. Testing with RPC-027 should only be done with CSD-Class personnel.” - GD-██

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