RPC-026 instance.


Registered Phenomena Code: 026

Object Class: Gamma-Yellow

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Organic Hazard, Aquatic Hazard

Containment Protocols: A site has been established in the north-eastern ██████ Sea, 10 km away from the origin point of RPC-026 from which operations/staff/others will be directed. The area harboring all RPC-026 specimens currently accounted for is to be marked with buoys marking the perimeter of the "Black Zone"1. Two Authority-manned boats disguised as an ambiguous military coast guard are to patrol the outer edges of the Yellow Zone. Under no circumstances is anyone without strict authorization by no less than three Level-4 personnel allowed beyond the Yellow Zone. Should any civilian attempt to cross the boundaries belonging to the Black Zone, their vessels are to be immediately disabled and any passengers on board administered amnestics.

Should an instance of RPC-026-A become greater in size than normal, a white noise generator regulated to distribute noise according to the hearing ranges of RPC-026 placed within the Black Zone is to be activated. This noise will not be enough to harm them, but it will disrupt the cohesiveness of all instances of RPC-026-A nearby. This will normally result in the reduction of their size not always work due to the differences of size and structure of each instance. As such, other methods of disruption are currently being devised.

Due to the apparent size of RPC-026-A-1, it is unable to be contained by current means and is unaffected by the white noise utilized to contain other instances of RPC-026-A. RPC-026-A-1 is to be continuously monitored for any changes in usual behavior. Should any changes be observed, they are to be reported directly to the nearest available Level-4 Authority personnel.

Description: RPC-026 is a branching genus of Bonapartia pedaliota2. RPC-026 is larger than their non-anomalous counterparts, being roughly 12.4 cm in length. RPC-026 also has much longer and canine-like teeth as well as harder scales able to withstand blunt damage, and resistance to perforation unheard of from other species of similar makeup. Specimens of RPC-026 have shown to possess intelligence greater than that of their non-anomalous counterparts, however their full capabilities only show when working in groups. Once a collective of RPC-026 establish a group, they are then designated as an instance of RPC-026-A. These groups have shown extraordinary cohesiveness, and can even be considered as a completely separate entity altogether. Instances of RPC-026-A are able to formulate complex shapes when together, and can create shapes with much more complexity. Their size also has a great margin of influence on their gross intelligence.

When an instance of RPC-026-A is confronted with white noise according to their hearing ranges, their entire makeup is disrupted and their size will generally decrease with stray specimens of RPC-026 left in dazed-like states. Although this white noise is especially proficient in its use for containment of RPC-026, it is unable to harm them.

Most instances of RPC-026-A will possess a standard amount of 150 specimens of RPC-026 in total. With a group of 150, they have roughly the intelligence of a Delphinus tursiops3. However on some occasions, these schools will reach up to ████ in numbers. As an instance's size increases, their group becomes more sophisticated and complex, with the development of roles within such as protectors and hunters, with the most important position of leader belonging to the strongest and most intelligent RPC-026 specimen. The trend of roles will usually consist of the adult specimens circulating around the outside of the instance while the oldest and youngest, as well as the leading specimen, living within its innermost parts. All eggs laid by any female specimens are also kept within the instance of RPC-026-A. As such, many of the more highly developed instances of RPC-026-A are believed to create complex social structures.


Instance of RPC-026-A hunting various aquatic life, in this particular image taken by a nearby waterproof camera, an average shark.

The much more advanced instances of RPC-026-A have shown to possess extraordinary learning capabilities. Captured instances have been able to learn rudimentary sign language, organizing each of the individual specimens of RPC-026 into rough symbols representing various phrases. On multiple occasions, RPC-026-A has been able to formulate basic conversation, though when separated, they lose their collective intelligence. As of ██/██/20██, 5 instances are currently in Authority possession, also consisting of ███ specimens of RPC-026.

Instances of RPC-026-A are extremely territorial, and will often attempt to claim territories that belong to other instances of RPC-026-A as their own. This results in clashes occurring between multiple instances. In these clashes, it will always result in the victor gaining a large increase in size and overall intelligence. The surviving RPC-026 of the defeated school who are not assimilated into the victor’s instance will be exterminated. Due to these violent bouts, the populations of RPC-026 have been continually self-contained and have therefore been able to avoid the public eye until ██/██/20██. On this date, the instance known as RPC-026-A-1 had disrupted that containment, and began hunting in areas beyond its own.

As of ██/██/20██, there has been one instance that has dominated a substantial part of the ██████ Sea. This instance has been designated as RPC-026-A-1. As many as █████ specimens of RPC-026 belong to this instance. Researcher estimates place the entirety of its length between 30 km and 50 km. Multiple disappearances of ships and aircraft have occurred in the area where this particular instance resides, and it is highly likely that this instance is solely responsible for their disappearances.

Addendum 141.1: As of 04/12/20██, RPC-026-A-1 has grown by approximately 5 km in body length. Due to unknown reasons, RPC-026-A-1 has grown extremely hostile and aggressive, attacking large amounts of nearby aquatic life and completely disrupting the ecosystem. Potential for RPC-026-A-1 encountering the local fishing village of ██████ has grown immensely. Methods of containment regarding RPC-026-A-1 are currently being developed.

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