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Registered Phenomena Code: 025

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Sensory Hazard, Transmutation Hazard, Psychotronic Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-025 is to be secured in a locked room at all times. Room access requires the supervision of staff with Level 3 clearance or higher. Every 103 hours and 20 minutes (4 days, 7 hours and 20 minutes) a CSD personnel hereafter referred to as "tribute" will enter the room while handcuffed and accompanied by one member of security wearing a hazmat suit. The tribute cannot have been previously selected as tribute and if possible should be someone who knows as little as possible regarding the identities of staff assigned to RPC-025. The security staff will place RPC-025 on the tribute and ensure that it does not become damaged in the process. After having worn the RPC the tribute and room are assessed for any potential danger before the tribute is retrieved from the room. If the tribute is still alive they will be examined to determine what effects the exposure had on them.

Description: RPC-025 is a pair of full-rim metal eyeglasses. The frame is made of polished steel. The temple-tips are black in color and made of plastic. The lenses are primarily glass but also contain an unidentified substance and are tinted dark.

When RPC-025 is worn by a human it will alter their eyes or eyesight in some way, these alterations are potentially dangerous to the wearer as well as to people in the vicinity. If RPC-025 goes for approximately 103 hours and 37 minutes without being worn it will cause someone in the vicinity to have their eyes turn into molten lead, so far this has always resulted in death. Test have been done on isolating RPC-025 up to a 3km radius but no range for this ability has been established, other than it tends to effect those nearest to it. If someone who has already worn RPC-025 wears it again there will be no effect and the time will not reset. If damaged the item will restore itself over time however it will be unable to accept tributes until restored.

(Note: All instances beyond the first 186 cases have been retroactively classified and can be found in File ███-██ with level 3 clearance.)

Addendum: Early cases of people's eyes turning to molten lead due to a tribute not being offered to RPC-025 appeared to be semi-random and primarily targeted by proximity. Later instances all affected staff who were directly in charge of RPC-025.
This led Dr. L. Friedman to hypothesize that the object was sentient, aware it was being contained and able to target specific people at when not offered a tribute. Seeing as RPC-025's only contact with anyone on site are the tributes and supervising security it was hypothesized that it may be gaining knowledge from the tributes in some way. As a test the tribute in case #███ was convinced that another CSD personnel referred to as Mr.X was the staff member in charge of overseeing the study of RPC-025. In the next 103 hours 37 minute cycle no tribute was offered and the person targeted was Mr.X. From here on all tests involving withholding tributes are forbidden and CSD personnel selected as tributes will have as little knowledge regarding site staff as possible.

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