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Registered Phenomena Code: 023

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Grouped Hazard, Tychokinetic Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-023 is located █ kilometers southwest of Troutdale, Virginia. The area is surrounded by a 5x5-kilometer chain-link fence, standing two meters high. Six ASF personnel and one researcher are to remain undercover within RPC-023. To avoid suspicion these staff are to contribute to RPC-023 through manual labor. Any anomalous objects discovered by staff are to be transferred to The Authority via rendezvous. Each RPC staff member is to perform scheduled check-ins via radio communication once a week, while not on shift.

Description: RPC-023 is a small mining town. The entirety of the town portrays cultural behavioral style and technology consistent with the mid-to-late twentieth century. RPC-023 consists of a mine, 37 small houses, a town hall, a grocery and goods store, a barber shop, a cemetery, a small hospital and a jail. The mine is known to be the oldest structure in the area, belonging to "Mr. Weaver". There are no maintained roads connected to the area. The total population of RPC-023 is 152 citizens. None of the town residences have been observed attempting to leave. Casual conversations have revealed that a majority of the townspeople are missing persons from the surrounding area. The locals are hospitable towards outsiders, and Authority personnel assigned to the area are quickly given work in the mine. Citizens claim that the mine extracts coal, but few coal samples have ever been collected. The main extract of the mine is various anomalous and non-anomalous artifacts.

The mineshafts reach a total length of 4,000 kilometers, forming an extensive network of pathways. The mine is traversed by various ladders and rope descents, lit by carbide lamps. Temperatures within the mine vary from 10-32 degrees Centigrade, depending on the distance from the main mineshaft. The mine is heated using torches and campfires. Geothermal anomalies make the temperature highly variable in different sections.

Artifacts excavated from the mine include:

• Fossils of S. aegyptiacus and M. Hoffmannii
• Veins of unidentified red fluid
• Fresh corpses of both H. Sapiens and H. Neanderthalensis
• A human skull with various goat-like horns protruding from various angles aside from the nose, jaw, eyes, and ears
• A severed human ████, complete with █████
• A rusted P08 Luger pistol
• Mesopotamian pottery
• An entrance to a large underground “sea,” complete with previously undiscovered aquatic lifeforms.
• A workshop stocked with surgical tools and artificial bones
• A crew of previously dead miners, not local to RPC-023, playing poker in a pocket of natural gas. These men were placed on payroll by Mr. Weaver
• A mahogany altar

Shortly after the arrival of the undercover RPC agents, a den of large, carnivorous felines was uncovered, setting loose a total of 4 breeding pairs. These felines resembled long, slim, panthers. They have presented a constant threat to the miners since their release. A total of five miners have been killed by the felines since their release.

A clay vase of an unknown origin was found within RPC-023 in 2013. The pottery depicts a dwelling deity encased in a tomb, pitch black in appearance, with a humanoid form. It possesses six arms and four human legs. The artwork shows two tunnels convergeing above its agape mouth.

Addendum: The miners have continued to take monthly shifts expanding the mine pathways both deeper and wider. Mining operations are to continue under agent supervision.

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