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RPC-022 on its pedestal.


Registered Phenomena Code: 022

Object Class: Beta-Yellow (Utility)

Hazard Types: Animated Hazard, Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-022 is to accompany Site-026 security throughout their daily duties, and should be treated as a member of the security team during this time. RPC-022's pedestal is to be stored in the Site-026 barracks, for use when it is not on duty. RPC-022 possesses Level-0 Affiliate clearance, in effect only when it is active and on duty.

In addition, RPC-022 is to be interviewed by Site-026 historians twice a week.

Description: RPC-022 is a late Roman Empire-era marble statue of an unnamed soldier. It bears no visible damage beyond the wear expected of a statue of its age. Testing and archeological reports have placed its date of creation around 470 CE, a date supported by the letters the statue arrived with.

RPC-022 is animate and sapient, and is capable of removing itself from its pedestal. It is capable of speech, identifying itself as "Legatus Augusti pro praetore Lucillus"1, and expresses strong loyalty to the Authority, which it refers to as the "Vanguard of Hercules." Due to this loyalty, it will cooperate with Authority personnel without question. Additionally, RPC-022 is aware of its own anomalous nature.

RPC-022, despite being conscious of the amount of time that has passed since its creation, does not appear conscious of the advancement of society. Due to this, it has had a difficult time acclimating to modern societal norms, although this has not affected its efficiency.

Note from Dr. Julie Clark: If this thing calls me a handmaiden again I'm going to lose my [EXPLETIVE REDACTED].

RPC-022 has proven impervious to physical damage, and possesses a vast range of motion, agility and strength despite its composition.

Discovery: RPC-022 has been in the possession of the Authority since it was founded, when it was presented to the newly minted Authority by Prince ███████. Prior to the modern Authority's creation, RPC-022 was passed down between precursor groups since the fall of the Roman Empire before finding its way to Prince ███████.

Upon being presented to the Authority, RPC-022 was in possession of several dated letters, which have been partially transcribed and translated in Addendum 2. Scans of the original Latin letters may be accessed in the Site-026 library.

Addendum: Most Recent Historian Interview

Addendum 2: Transcribed Letters

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