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Registered Phenomena Code: 020

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Radiation Hazard, Aggression Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-020 is to be kept inside a lead-lined humanoid containment cell in Site-037 at all times. Staff must operate an aerial drone to move the item during periods of inactivity so that provocation can be avoided. During movement, the item is to be transported in a lead-lined sphere at least 10m in diameter. The cell must be assessed weekly for necessary maintenance during this time. After assessment is complete, the item must be promptly returned to its original enclosure.

Description: RPC-020 is a limbless humanoid entity that has been wrapped, in its entirety, with radiation gear of unknown origin. Despite its condition, the item is capable of locomotion and manipulation with the help of four elongated nylon straps connected to the item via belay clips located near the pelvis. It is currently unknown whether or not RPC-020 is an organic being, as it has not required any sustenance since containment, nor does it appear to need sleep. RPC-020 has demonstrated sentience and communicative abilities via local (< 25m) radio interference. All communications from the item have dealt primarily with release from containment and hostility toward Authority staff.

RPC-020 is constantly manipulating its immediate area to produce a "sphere" of weightlessness approximately 8m in diameter, with its body at the center. This sphere has not been observed to change in shape or size, but can move if the item moves in any given direction. This sphere pushes out the air around it as well, creating a vacuum inside it. Authority-issued Geiger counters have confirmed that RPC-020 emits 150 rads of gamma and X-ray radiation within this sphere at all times. It is unknown if these effects are willfully imposed by the item or not.

Initial discovery of RPC-020 revealed that the item is openly hostile towards animal lifeforms if provoked. Provocation can occur from animals breaching the item's sphere of influence, interference in the item's locomotion or manipulation actions, or denials of release from containment. The item is extremely hostile towards human beings, and will attack without provocation.

Addendum: RPC-020 first attempted to breach containment during a staffing change on 03/02/20██ between ████ and ████ hours. During this event, the item made initial contact with Authority staff on the scene. A transcript of staff attempts to interview the item can be found below.

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