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Registered Phenomena Code: 018

Object Class: Beta-Yellow Gamma-Yellow (see Incident 5R)

Hazard Types: Bio-hazard, Microscopic Hazard, Mind-Regression Hazard

Containment Protocols: Instances of RPC-018 are to be stored within a standard airtight pathogenic containment vial, subsequently placed within a quarantined containment unit composed of nothing less than 5cm of steel, locked with a 20 digit code and double-lock system requiring simultaneous key turns from Level 3 personnel. At all times, no less than ten guards armed with pistols and flamethrowers must protect against unauthorized entry to the containment unit without express permission for testing.

Instances of RPC-018-1 are to be contained within a standard Quarantined Containment Unit, outfitted with emergency incineration mechanisms for use in the event of a containment breach. No instance of RPC-018-1 may be utilized for testing for a period of greater than seven days. At the end of testing, all instances of RPC-018-1 must be terminated and their remains incinerated.

In the event of a containment breach, all relevant personnel are to be quarantined for a period of one month, following which they shall be evaluated for exposure via interrogation and neuroimaging. Affected personnel are to be treated as instances of RPC-018-1.

Following Incident 5R, Authority assets within civilian and governmental organizations are to monitor for any suspected RPC-018 instances. Should a suspected instance be found, quarantine procedures shall be enacted and further evaluation done to determine necessary action to prevent further outbreak.

Description: RPC-018 is a series of four thaumaturgic pathogens, taking the physical form of an anomalous virus. Infected humans only display symptoms of RPC-018 infection after a roughly one-week incubation period. After this time, the infected (henceforth referred to as RPC-018-1) will develop a tumor-like growth on its brain stem.

When this growth has manifested, RPC-018-1 becomes unable to communicate information about a certain predetermined topic, regardless of the method used. This topic is determined by the variant of RPC-018 it is exposed to. There are currently four known variants of RPC-018, with development of a fifth ongoing. (Development terminated, see Incident 5R.) Attempting to remove this growth from an instance of RPC-018-1 invariably results in brain death.

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