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An instance of RPC-016


Registered Phenomena Code: 016

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Ballistic Hazard, Contact Hazard, Transmutation Hazard

Containment Protocols: All RPC-016 instances, save for RPC-016-5, are to be stored in Alpha Storage Locker 30 at Site-002. Direct contact with instances of RPC-016 is not to be made outside of testing, and not without the express permission of the Lead Researcher. RPC-016-5 is to be contained within standard humanoid living quarters, fed three times daily, and provided items requested pending approval by the Lead Researcher. For a full list of items requested, see addendum "RPC-016-C".

Description: RPC-016 is a set of five large grey balls, numbered RPC-016-1 through RPC-016-5, each with a diameter of approximately 15 centimeters. RPC-016's weight of 27.20 kg, consistent in density, weight, and atomic composition with 1060 steel (0.60% carbon, otherwise pure iron). Upon making direct skin contact with a human hand, instances of RPC-016 will absorb into the body of the subject, and begin the process of replacing their skeletal structure with itself. RPC-016-5 is currently held by a pubescent Caucasian female, age ██, recovered along with RPC-016, hereby designated RPC-016-5A.

This process is slow, with the current record belonging to RPC-016-5A, with 50% replacement over the course of four years and growing. Subjects report no pain throughout this process, and show no signs of trouble moving despite the extra weight. Additionally, subjects bonded with an instance of RPC-016 display the ability to pull portions of the object from themselves, and mold it into various shapes.

The process of pulling portions of RPC-016 from the body creates 1 cm long cuts in the palm of the dominant hand, which reportedly causes no pain, and heals at four times the standard human regeneration rate. This regeneration does not extend to any other wounds. To date, all shapes created by RPC-016 have been in the form of weapons. The cause of this restriction is currently unknown. For more information on weapons formed by RPC-016, and the test logs of their effectiveness, see Addendum RPC-016-A.


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