STRESS BUDDY™ by Amazing! Co.


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Registered Phenomena Code: 013

Object Class: Alpha-White Beta-Purple

Hazard Types: h-tychokinetic.png Tychokinetic Hazard h-emotional.png Emotional Hazard h-climatological.png Climatological Hazard h-immeasurable.png Immeasurable Hazard

Containment Protocols:

RPC-013 is currently stored within a standard safety deposit box in Site-007's anomalous object wing.

As of 09/18/2010, RPC-013's preliminary testing period has concluded and the item has been reclassified as a Lesser Anomalous Object. Transfer to Site-016 ("The Warehouse") has been scheduled for 10/20/2010.




RPC-013 (previously designated LO-221) refers to a series of anomalous toys distributed by Amazing! Co. Instances of RPC-013 are comprised of an indestructible elastomer material and come in a variety of colors and shapes, usually no larger than 7cm in diameter. Despite the inconsistency in their appearance, all instances of RPC-013 are marketed as stress relief aids.

The Authority is currently in possession of (1) instance of RPC-013. This particular instance has displayed 2 anomalous properties which appear to manifest independently from each other:

1. RPC-013's primary anomalous properties manifest when it is used in a manner similar to a stress ball.3 When an individual who is experiencing significant distress takes hold of RPC-013 and squeezes it, the object will "absorb" all negative emotions, effectively altering the individual's mindset and placing them in a more optimistic mood. RPC-013 has thus far shown itself capable of temporarily treating social anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and chronic depression.

At this time, RPC-013's therapeutic effects appear to be solely beneficial and no negative side effects have been documented. It should be noted that excessive usage of RPC-013 will often lead to a small percentage of individuals developing a dependence on it. This dependency is most prominent among individuals who suffer from addictive compulsions and is not related to RPC-013's anomalous effects.

2. RPC-013's secondary anomalous effects manifest when the object's primary stress-relieving properties are neglected for a prolonged period of time. Should RPC-013 go unused for longer than 48-hours, the object will begin to deliberately manipulate probability in order to create circumstances which might induce stress in any individuals present. These circumstances will typically range between benign inconveniences to large scale disasters and will actively persist until at least one stressed individual uses RPC-013 as intended.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that the lethality rate of these circumstances rises in proportion to the amount of time that RPC-013 goes unused, with the object's range of influence capable of expanding indefinitely. To date, the only proven method that can prevent RPC-013's tychokinetic properties from manifesting requires consistent usage by one or more individuals who are experiencing stress.


RPC-013 was delivered directly to Site-007 through as-of-yet unknown means. On the morning of 08/14/2010, custodial staff witnessed a package bearing the Amazing! Co. logo suddenly materialize inside a bathroom stall within one of Site-007's lavatories. An initial inspection of the package's exterior revealed no anomalous properties and after unboxing its contents, RPC-013 was discovered inside along with a "Thank You" letter and a mail-order catalogue featuring various Amazing! Co. products, including RPC-013.

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