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Registered Phenomena Code: 010

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Regenerative Hazard, Aggression Hazard

Containment Protocols: OL-Site-010 has been constructed around RPC-010-1 with the facade of a construction & engineering firm. OL-Site-010 must maintain a standard security outfit at all times and non-authorized personnel are to be turned away at the front desk or, if need be, detained. Cameras equipped with microphones must be placed within the vent leading into RPC-010-1 and outside its doorway pointed towards the door window.

Description: RPC-010-1 is a large elementary school classroom measuring approximately 30 square meters. The room is furnished with 30 student desks, 1 teacher's desk, a bookshelf, various motivational posters, and a chalkboard. RPC-010-1 is only accessible through its singular doorway and only by children under the age of thirteen. All attempts to enter the room by teenagers and adults have resulted in failure (see Research Log-010-2). RPC-010-1 was formerly a part of "████████████ Elementary", located in ██████████, Massachusetts.

RPC-010-2 is a Caucasian woman in her mid-40s and wears a red dress with black lace tied around her waist. Additionally, RPC-010-2 wears thick reading glasses and has her hair in a bun. RPC-010-2 is known as "Ms. Jackson" within her classroom. RPC-010-2 has exhibited no need or desire to eat, drink, or sleep and is constantly monitoring the happenings of her classroom.

RPC-010-3 are the children within RPC-010-2's "class". These students, seemingly students of RPC-010-2, exhibit no properties of aging, despite some individuals residing within RPC-010-1 for [REDACTED] years. RPC-010-3 instances have expressed a desire for food and water, yet never appear to require sustenance to function. The students within the classroom are aware that they are trapped within RPC-010-1, but so far there have been zero recorded escape attempts. Complaining to RPC-010-2 often results in severe punishment (see Observation Log-010-4). To date, there are 31 students within RPC-010-1.

A typical "school day" within RPC-010-1 will start at 06:00 and end at 00:00. Throughout the day, RPC-010-2 will assign various activities typical of a 3rd grade curriculum including writing exercises, arithmetic problems, and basic science problems. Occasionally, RPC-010-2 will host a "reading time" in which she reads a story aloud to the class. The content of these stories are disturbing in nature and usually involve themes of rape, murder, and treachery. Students who fail to participate in these activities or fail their assignments are harshly punished by RPC-010-2. RPC-010-2 treatment of RPC-010-3 ranges from indifferent to extremely violent when interacting with instances of RPC-010-3. RPC-010-2 will commonly express a desire to "correct" her students and will frequently beat, torture, and kill students who fail to meet her expectations. When a student is terminated, the other students will pick up the remains and place them into a container named "The Happy Box". Exactly one hour later an identical copy of the terminated RPC-010-3 instance will emerge from the box and resume his or her duties. It is not yet known if this is a result of a healing factor within the box or if it simply creates new copies from the students. Additionally, remains placed within The Happy Box are absent when a student emerges. Approximately 30% of all punishment by RPC-010-2 results in a fatality. When class is "out", RPC-010-2 begins "quiet hours" and students are allowed to sleep, but RPC-010-2 remains alert at her desk.

Children under the age of thirteen are able to open the door to RPC-010-1. Once a child has stepped completely into the room, the door will slam shut behind them and he/she is to be considered an instance of RPC-010-3.

RPC-010 was discovered after police were called to local elementary school teacher Ms. Jackson's classroom and failed to open the door. Authority agents monitoring police channels investigated and quarantined the site. Following heavy usage of Class A amnestics among the local populace, the school was shut down and procured by the Authority.

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