Registered Phenomena Code: 006-J

Object Class: Alpha-Red (Utility)

Hazard Types: h-organic.pngOrganic h-sentient.pngSentient h-high-velocity.pngHigh Velocity h-sensory.pngSensory h-emotional.pngEmotional

Containment Protocols: Under normal circumstances, RPC-006-J should be present in its designated cell in Site-079. Food and water supplies are to be delivered regularly. RPC-006-J may not come into contact with RPC-006-J-1 outside of a controlled testing environment; experiments may only be performed with explicit permission from the site administration.

Description: RPC-006-J is a male organism of the subspecies Gallus gallus domesticus1, standing 73 centimeters tall and weighing about 3.5 kilograms. Though RPC-006-J appears initially unremarkable, it can be distinguished from normal members of its species through its ability to ride atop RPC-006-J-1, an elastic red ball 1 meter in diameter. RPC-006-J showcases a remarkable aptitude in handling the ball; by using its feet to manipulate the ball's trajectory and velocity, RPC-006-J is capable of propelling itself at speeds surpassing ██ km/h.

RPC-006-J is most significant, however, for its memetic property: any human subject who observes RPC-006-J in its mounted position will break into a state of panic and hysteria. This state can become aggravated as the subject remains exposed to RPC-006-J for a longer duration of time. When questioned, subjects are unable to rationalize their fear, but will still perceive RPC-006-J as an extreme threat. Auditory recognition of RPC-006-J can also cause this effect, albeit less prominently.2

Prolonged exposure to RPC-006-J can inflict lasting effects on a subject's psyche, including symptoms akin to anxiety disorders, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. It has been postulated that the effects of RPC-006-J could even bring about psychogenic death.

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