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Registered Phenomena Code: 006

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Sentient Hazard, Aggression Hazard, Animated Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-006 is to be stored within Alpha storage locker 23 at Site-004 when not in use for testing. A minimum of $100 USD must be stored inside RPC-006 at all times. Before testing can begin, all personnel within the testing area must remove all forms of currency on their person.

Description: RPC-006 is a black, leather, bi-fold wallet measuring approximately 9X11.5cm. No brand logos or names have been observed on RPC-006. The object has two pouches, one large one for storing paper money, and a smaller one for storing coinage. Both paper money and coinage are considered when RPC-006 counts the money within its pouches. Currencies other than USD are counted as their equivalent in USD to RPC-006.

When less than $100 USD is stored within RPC-006, the object will enter an agitated state and seek more currency to add to its pouch. RPC-006 moves by dragging itself across the ground while opening and closing itself in a manner that resembles biting. The object has also shown the ability to leap up to 2 meters in height. Tests have shown that RPC-006 does not seem to have an innate sense of where currency is located and must seek it manually. RPC-006 has been observed attacking humans it believes has currency on their person, however, thus far no major injuries have been reported as a result of RPC-006's aggression.

RPC-006 progressively gets slower as it acquires more money. The object's speed appears to directly correlate with how much money is stored within its pouches. When the object obtains $100 USD or more RPC-006 will become inert. Testing has shown that no amount of provocation, such as placing more money around the object, will cause it to move while it holds $100 USD or more. RPC-006 will, however, move again when money is withdrawn from its pouches when the withdrawal causes the amount of currency within its pouch to go below $100 USD.

Addendum: RPC-006 was discovered by Authority personnel on 02/06/██ near the city of ███████ attacking civilians in an alleyway. RPC-006 was contained without incident. A Caucasian male named A█████ ██████ reported a missing wallet matching the description of RPC-006 the next day. Investigations searching for connections between this individual and RPC-006 have so far been inconclusive.

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