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Registered Phenomena Code: 004

Object Class: Alpha-White

Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-004-1 and RPC-004-2 are to be placed within adjacent storage lockers spaced 8 meters apart. In the event that either RPC-004-1 or RPC-004-2 are producing ink, ASF and janitorial personnel are to be alerted immediately.

Description: RPC-004 is a collection of anomalous books, two of which remain. RPC-004-1 is a red hardback notebook that contains writings from an unknown author; the writing itself, however, is not memetic. The text within RPC-004-1 describes anomalous events and criminal acts, the investigations of which are still ongoing. Evidence suggests that the author of RPC-004-1 possessed anomalous abilities, and used them to commit the aforementioned crimes.

RPC-004-2 is a blue hardback notebook with the name "Jenny" written on the cover. The writing inside of RPC-004-2 is noticeably more incoherent, but still lacks memetic properties. The name Jenny is believed to refer to Jenny R█████, a 2█ year old woman who disappeared on 10/20/18. The police case has since been closed due to the absence of evidence.

When RPC-004-2 is placed within 5 meters of RPC-004-1, both begin to emit a large amount of ink (approximately 4 liters)1. The fluid will begin to spill off the page until only a small amount is left in the form of words. These writings are only briefly visible, as they dry and disappear after approximately 1 minute. In addition, the writings between the books appear to be connected, as if it were a conversation (See document RPC-004-D).

Addendum RPC-004-A: Missing Poster

Addendum RPC-004-B: RPC-004-1 Excerpts

Addendum RPC-004-C: RPC-004-2 Excerpts

Addendum RPC-004-D: RPC-004-1 and RPC-004-2 Experimentation

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