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RPC-002. Note the characteristic damage beneath the lowest visible chamber.


Registered Phenomena Code: 002

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Ballistic Hazard, Memory Alteration Hazard, Extreme Temperature Hazard, Toxic Hazard, Transmutation Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-002 is to be contained in a standard Alpha-class storage container. RPC-002 may be removed from its container for testing purposes with the approval of Level 3 Research staff. RPC-002 is not to be used outside of approved testing areas, and only on approved targets. Testing on living or organic targets may be conducted with the approval of the Director of Site-███. Due to recent unexpected test results, experimental use of RPC-002 is forbidden until further notice. For more information, see Incident Log RPC-002-F.

Description: RPC-002 is an 1873 Colt Single-Action Army Revolver which causes a variety of unpredictable physics-altering effects when loaded and fired. The object's 19.05 cm barrel, original nickel plating and walnut grips are characteristic of the first-generation "Cavalry" variant of the CSAA. RPC-002 displays minor anomalous properties when unloaded, namely a minor memory-alteration effect (see below) and a capacity for continuous self-repair. Any component of the anomaly which is marked, damaged, removed or altered in any way will be immediately replaced with a new component identical in composition to the one present on the object before it was modified or damaged. Any removed component will vanish simultaneously to the appearance of the "new" component. One chamber of RPC-002's cylinder is heavily abraded, showing damage consistent with a catastrophic misfire or casing rupture1.

When loaded with any bullet capable of fitting within the revolver's chambers2 and fired, the resultant anomalous projectile, designated RPC-002-1, causes a variety of physical alterations in the material composition of the target struck3. While RPC-002-1 is visually identical to a .44 Winchester bullet in flight, no physical projectile has ever been recovered from a target hit by the anomaly.

The effects of RPC-002-1 impact with a target are characterized by sudden alteration of the target's chemical structure, usually accompanied by a substantial release of energy in the form of heat. RPC-002-1's effects are more pronounced on chemically pure targets, and it is capable of causing the chemical conversion of structurally contiguous chemically pure objects massing up to 450kg.4

The exact effects of different cylinders of RPC-002 are internally consistent. However, the difficulty in marking individual components is compounded by RPC-002-2, the object's cognito-hazardous effect. RPC-002-2 is characterized by the inability of any human being to consistently remember or observe the relative positions of individual chambers within the weapon's cylinder. Multiple personnel who observe the operation of RPC-002, even via digital transmission or recording, will invariably disagree on which chamber(s) have been fired and the exact configuration of the weapon when loaded. This effect is not consistent over time, and personnel who view recordings of the same test multiple times will demonstrate inconsistent and self-contradictory memories of the event with each repetition. While the position of the destroyed chamber of RPC-002's cylinder is theorized to remain constant, the effects of RPC-002-2 make this theory functionally non-demonstrable.


Heavily damaged concrete slag extracted from the ruins of RPC-002's test chamber. The intense thermal effects generated by the anomaly were sufficient to reduce the reinforced structural members of the test chamber to a glassy, semifluid state.

Addendum 002-1: Based on a detailed mathematical analysis of the structural damage to Site-███, it can be concluded that the facility was destroyed by an anomalous effect comparable to heavy gunfire. This effect is believed to take the form of a wave, which propagated out of RPC-002's test chamber and into the Site's ventilation systems before expanding throughout the structure. The collision of this wave with any form of matter, a process tentatively dubbed RPC-002-3, is functionally similar to striking every 3 mm2 area of the target's surface with a single Winchester .44 round fired at point-blank range. In effect, the activation of RPC-002-1 during test RPC-002-F resulted in the entire site being struck by more than ██ x 108 rounds in the same instant. The resultant energy transfer was enough to kill all living things in the facility and cause substantial structural collapse.

Addendum 002-2: All testing of RPC-002 is suspended by order of the Global Directorate. The item has been transferred to Site-001.

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