Research Division


Welcome to the Research Division of the RPC Authority. Our goal here at the Research Division is to further humanity's knowledge of the universe, by means of understanding objects that defy its laws. Through rigorous testing and studying of the various objects and phenomena that the RPC Authority is able to acquire, we are able to find answers to that which was before unimaginable. Our Division offers a wide variety of professional opportunity in many different fields. The sectors included under the Research Division include the following:

The Anomaly Experimentation team explores the phenomena of each RPC and tests them for possible beneficial uses. Finding the capabilities of each object can open up doors for other research sectors and lead to valuable discoveries. Being the largest sector in the Research Division, many different types of experiments are performed by research teams. Experiments on objects may also be requested by other research sectors to be performed, along with the cross testing of multiple anomalies. Both The Bureau Of Acquisition and The Office of Analysis and Science use information gained from the Experimentation team.

The Anomaly Experimentation Team operates extensive labs in many various sites across the globe, with access to top end equipment and all types of anomalies. Teams of Junior Researchers are dedicated to every RPC currently being studied. Team members work collaboratively with each other under a Senior Researcher and work hand in hand with other teams. Senior Researchers oversee their assigned RPC and coordinate tests. Head Researchers oversee multiple anomaly teams and projects. These projects include the integration of our useful discoveries into the public eye and the harnessing of this knowledge in order to further humanity as a whole.

Through the use of scientific methods we can discover all. And as we discover, our eyes open.

The Bureau of Acquisition deals with various expansions on human existence and perception, as well as the natural world. The Bureau contains the Theistic, Viderics, Cryptology, Anti-Memetic and Kaballic Departments. Each of these subjects is either fully unknown to the public or misconceived.

The Theistic Division studies anomalies that are perceived as Gods. The Department of Viderics study the mechanism and uses of the Viderics neurotransmitter. The Cryptology Department is tasked with deciphering coded messages received from various RPC's, and intercepted messages from GOI's or POI's. The Cryptology team is also tasked with the formation of encoding pathways in order to secure Authority documents. The Anti-Memetics Department deals with self-restricting information. Objects which censor themselves, and/or censor already learned knowledge from minds. The Kaballic Division studies the occult and other hidden knowledge.

These Departments are highly specialized and focus on that which is rarely seen by the public eye. Researchers are handpicked to join these departments based on their achievements and specialties in the Anomaly Experimentation Team. Information gained from The Bureau Of Acquisition is used to further The RPC Authority's stance in the defense of our worlds safety.

To understand that which was unknown is to have the knowledge to protect ourselves.

The Office of Analysis and Science researches anomalies relating to the sciences and other fields of study that pertain to the natural world. The purpose of this office is to discover ways to base the objects the RPC Authority encounters in some form of general scientific understanding and to expand our own knowledge on these subjects. This office includes a large number of subsidiaries, each focused on a specific field of study. Included in these studies are Psychology, Philosophy, Botany, History, Cybernetics, and Chemistry.

The Office of Analysis and Science houses researchers well versed in their field of studies, often outsourcing leading experts from the public to join. Every major site contains one of the specialized subsidiary teams. Each team is led by a Head Researcher who is an expert in the field, they coordinate both Junior and Associate researchers. Discoveries made by the Office of Analysis and Science are distributed to the public based on the confidentiality and level of impact that it would have on the world. Information is seeded carefully in order to prevent chaos while improving humanity's chances.

From our base of understanding, we must build.

The Research Tone is a format designed to focus on the research of anomalies. Articles with the format are written as researchers' documents; an abstract exists at the start of the article to give researchers a basic understanding of the anomaly. The containment protocols of the main format are replaced with safe handling and usage, a set of information researchers must know and instructions they must follow when conducting work with an anomaly in order to prevent harm to personnel, the anomaly and the facility.

When posting a Research Tone article, make sure to add the "research-tone" tag. You should apply the Research Division theme to the article as well.

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