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The Remnants are the fractured remains of an Authority from another timeline whose actions led to a sudden and inexplicable event (dubbed the the ALPHA-Trigger) which cause a single, irreparable, universe-wide calamity and subsequent cascade of anomalies that fundamentally changed life forever for those residing within it. According to acquired documents, most, if not all attempts at trying to counteract the ensuing chaos failed, as did many world governments and the veil of normalcy itself. With the fabric of reality made into an aberration far beyond baseline recognition, combined with wide-spread containment breaches, the Authority's chain of command quickly broke down.

The remnants of the Authority, led by the fractured remains of its former rulers, cult personalities, and numerous ideologues, managed to survive the calamity with a substantial amount of technology and personnel. Those leaders who had access to transdimensional technologies quickly used the last of their resources to evacuate the remaining high-value personnel to pre ALPHA-trigger timelines of relative normality.

As for those few who remained, some have begun to jump into our timeline, influencing the world in unseen ways. Playing with variables, attempting to pinpoint the source of the errors and actions that lead to their downfall—a source they cannot even agree on among themselves—all in an attempt to amend their failures in our reality, and hopefully prevent what they see as inevitable from occurring. Be it by causing "black-outs" in several sites only for their databases to come back missing more than one anomaly, or utilizing advanced and anomalous equipment from their reality to aid the Authority. As the purported "source" varies from Authority failures to outside meddling, these groups know no bounds. Driven by a maniacal denial of their world's fate, jealousy and disbelief that our Authority endures sans "failure", or a genuine desire to help avoid calamity, they can be both helpful allies or ruthless foes.

For this reason, and despite their usual cooperation with the Authority, they are often seen on both sides of conflict, changing based on what they think might affect the future in a beneficial manner. Additionally, they are almost impossible to locate or find by reliable means due to their constant paranoia, deep knowledge of our Authority's inner workings, and guerilla tactics, using this advantage to blindside Authority agents, GoIs, and AoIs in the field. There is a considerable debate among top level bureaucrats as to whether to directly interfere in their actions, or allow them to continue to surgically remove "errors" they believe may play a part in the ALPHA-Trigger. As of now, the Intranet has been fortified substantially, but Remnant "black-outs" still occur once every few years.

Remnants RPCs

RPC-101 - The Refugee
RPC-267 - The Widow and the Mechcronomicon
RPC-314 - Designated Survivor
RPC-549 - Broken Glass and Twisted Metal
RPC-730 - The Altered Beast
RPC-884 - Liberty Walks
RPC-948 - One last time

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