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The Remnants are a fractured iteration of the Authority from a timeline where reality wavered for one unexplained moment (dubbed the Alpha trigger), causing a single universe-wide calamity and a subsequent cascade of new anomalies. Unable to keep the public veil of normalcy, and facing wide spread containment breaches of catastrophic levels, the Authority chain of command has broken down and left only splinters and shadows to continue their work.

Immediately the priority became to evacuate all citizens they could to another timeline, and with their evacuation, their problems are quickly becoming the problems of the baseline Authority. Very little is known about the current state of the Remnant world, and all reliable information has been compiled below.

Remnants RPCs

RPC-730 - The Altered Beast
RPC-101 - The Refugee
RPC-549 - Broken Glass and Twisted Metal
RPC-948 - One last time
RPC-314 - Designated Survivor
RPC-267 - The Widow and the Mechcronomicon

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