Redeeming Qualities may not Apply's FM Divebar
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Redeeming Qualities' FM DiveBar


[Cliffnotes: General Information and History]

Location: "Ur house, upstairs kitchen." Age: "Pick a # between 15 and 100."
Article No.: 002 Classification level: "A Real Ass Nickle."
Name: Redeeming 'Village-Idiot' Qualities may not Apply

Triumtious Trite of Tales

Redeeming Qualities may not Apply's FM Divebar

Redeeming Qualities' FM DiveBar [Cliffnotes: General...

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Radio Silence

“What the fuck?” Gabriel slurred out. “Yeah, I know,” responded Jacob....

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Authority Departmental Hierarchy

[Chart Declassification 1A-03 (circa. 19██)]
Additional Infromation and/or Future Declassification(s) Pending.

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ADEF Fleet Manifest

Contributed to the Blueprint Images

Last Updated ██/██/2019, ██:██

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The History of the Lexicon Auctoritas

The Lexicon Auctoritas is a comprehensive record of the terminology used by the RPC Authority during its lifetime. As most historical terms have been removed from the modern edition, this document serves to archive them for future research.

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