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RPC-000 featuring SinaticusSinaticus, ieatcrepesieatcrepes bXluYW1lamVmZgbXluYW1lamVmZg

RPC-017 Truth In Advertising featuring scott_huntsscott_hunts, ieatcrepesieatcrepes, H F DummieH F Dummie

RPC-402 What A Fool Believes

RPC-470 There Are No Angels Here featuring AlmardukAlmarduk (Broader Horizons entry, 3rd place winner)

RPC-607 A World Lit Only By Fire (Minimalism Contest entry)

RPC-800 Blood Creepin'

RPC-980 The Reflecting God featuring Baubius (R.I.P.)

RPC-990 Mother of The New Flesh featuring SinaticusSinaticus, ieatcrepesieatcrepes

Tales and Documents

The Maw (Sub Vesuvia entry)

Dimensional Wanderers Syndrome

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Protectorate with BlairinBlairin and CroalCroal

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