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In-universe, an Anomaly Processing Documents (APD) is utilized by Prolab to formulate a Containment Protocol for an anomaly. Often, it is a loose collection of paperwork, physical notes, scraps, and test logs collected by File Managers. Their paperwork is often rough around the edges: Usually broken into multiple pages at a time and riddled with numerous revisions and excerpts of team discussions debates. It is also common for the format to be modified.

Out-of-universe, this is another way to approach an anomaly through trial and error. Observation is key for harder-to-contain anomalies, and conjecture is documented at every step of the process.

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Anomaly Processing Document

Codename: "XXXX"1 Lethality: XXXX2
Lead Sp.: XXXX3 Item Type: Object / Entity / Location / Other
ID Properties: XXX, XXX, XXX4


[Provide a short description of the anomaly. Describe basic physical attributes,5 and properties. Additionally, you may make inferences on how traits may impact logistics in the form of quotes.]


"Quotes can be added throughout each section to add flare, commenting on how progress with the anomaly is going."

- [Prolab Personnel]


[Provide a brief description on how to interact with anomaly/how the anomaly is currently being kept subdued. Although similar, this section is is not a substitute for Containment Protocol and are often temporary/jerry-rigged precautions.6]

  1. [Adding a listicle/collapsible can help to transcribe the specific steps or equipment required for the safe activation of an anomaly.]
  2. [Your writing style should informal yet precise.]


[Provide a short, non-clinical summary of where, when, and how the anomaly was acquired by Containment. Treat it as if part of a written police report. Try to keep under or at 3 paragraphs.]

Exploration Log/Interviews: Optional

[Provide a written transcript of dialog/events relating to any significant anomalous encounter.7]

Addenda Page(s):

Test, Exploration Logs/Addendum:

[Provide a series of tests in an attempt to contain the anomaly. Tests are done either as a proof of concept, construct mock cells, or to specifically see how to best neutralize a specific trait.]


[Write a detailed report/synopsis on what should be used to contain an anomaly.8 Although typically at the end, they can be included throughout the addendum portion of the article.]

> Protocol Proposal: [Informal Designation ("XXXX"), date when officially filed (XX/XX/XX)]
> Description: [A brief description of final thoughts and a proposed containment protocol. Provide specifics on classification, accommodations, cell dimensions, and needed-staff.]
> Resources: [A rough list of material(s) and (optionally) estimated total cost.]
> Result: [List whether it was approved/disapproved and results of the tallied vote.9 If disapproved, provide a summary of the official reason/concerns. If approved, state additional information such as the anomaly being handed off to other depts., assigned Register Phenomena Code, and where the anomaly will be housed.]


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Title = Anomaly Processing Document |

Codename = "XXXX"[[footnote]] An informal anomaly designation used before proper RPC designation is assigned. May put actual RPC File number or N/A if it is an existing anomaly under re-review. Example titles include: "Latenight Fling" "Free-Ninty-Nine" or "Toleless Bellcurve" [[/footnote]] |

Lethality = XXXX[[footnote]] A rough approximation. Ex's: "red," "--red-- black" or "red-black" [[/footnote]] |

Specialist = XXXX [[footnote]] Containment Specialist leading the Project: Title and Name.
Ex's: Engr. W.D. Taylor, Dr.Sherman [[/footnote]] |

Type = Object / Entity / Location / Other |

Properties = XXX, XXX, XXX[[footnote]] Limit to three properties. [[/footnote]]

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