Project Blue Book

Welcome To Project Blue Book recruit, We are humanities best and brightest and we have one goal. Protect mankind from any entity that would do it harm. Below you will find everything you need to know to be successful within the organization, Terra Invicta. - Commander [Redacted]


From the desk of UN Secretary-General Trygve Lie:


In the course of history, mankind has faced innumerable threats. From the beasts over the next hill during prehistoric times to the monster that plagued Europe very recently. Mankind has dealt with all these challenges head-on and has emerged time and time again the victor. Humanity has shown itself to be strong but it needs to be prepared for all issues that may plague it, from the deepest depths to the furthermost stars. It is with that understanding that the UN Security Council has founded Project Blue Book. Project Blue Book will protect all of humanity from the threats that may present themselves from the stars to the depths. With the Extra-Terrestrial Defense Bureau the Scientific Research Bureau and the Engineering and Manufacturing Bureau operating under its banner, Project Blue Book will keep humanity safe from the barbarians at the gate.


Project Data Nodes

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