Sinaticucks Author Page

I hate you, and I hate myself! Get Fucked!

Things I Created

  • Object Classes - With help from Von Pincer, Agent Star, and Logan - redesigned by Vizlox
  • Threats and Hazards - with help from Dr. Lupin and Gloop
  • Acquired Media - With Help from Gloop
  • LAO's
  • LAL's
  • Event Index
  • Site Index - Obviously not the Site's themselves
  • Operations - a carry over from NDI that I saved, everyone said it wouldn't be used1
  • Spear Headed the Divisions project with the help of many devoted lovely people2
  • Blacksite - with Boson and Lupin
  • ArcOs - My Idea, but many people have since ran off it (not that, that is a bad thing)

Other Things I helped with

  • The NDI Civil War3
  • The Writers Guide - I dont remember who I worked with to make this sorry!
  • The International Community
  • Site Rules
  • Guide of Newbies
  • Formatting Guide
  • Criticism Guide - Small amount, really stretching it putting it here
  • Canon Policy
  • Canon Standards
  • Curation Team4
  • Lore Team5


  • RPC-000 - The Infamous 0006 - Co-write with Prototype Toaster, Ieatcreapes, and Boson + Old Man Jenkins for coding
  • RPC-290 - Dumb Dresser for kids (soon to be reworked)
  • RPC-390 - George of Clan Boston - Co-write with Gloop
  • RPC-990 - Attachment Issues - Co-write with Prototype Toaster and Ieatcreapes.
  • Site-009 - RPCs Prison

Educational Background

  • Amature student of Theology (studied for 7 years, no formal degree)7
  • Amature student of Philosophy (studied for 7 years, no formal degree)
  • Amature student of Formal Modal Logic (studied for 7 years, no formal degree)
  • Certification in Low Voltage Tech
  • Formally Studying Theoretical Physics8

Misc Accomplishments

  • Only person to ever be blocked by Zakari!

Heres a list of Facts

  • FloppyPhoenix is a manipulative cunt, who managed to drive a wedge between me and my friends the likes of which will never heal!
  • Scallyfoots a petty child.
  • RCS is full of idea thieves
  • Trumps going to win 20209
  • Israel a recognized UN state
  • SAO is a shit anime and if you like it, fuck yourself!10
  • Judaism11 > Christianity12 > Islam13 > Atheism14

About Me

the most hated RPC writer of all time, killer of friendships and ruiner of expectations. hated for my behavior and the raw amount of contributions15. I play League of Legends 70 hours a day, I don't give a single fuck about anything anymore. DM me if you want to do a co-write

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